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harith ami & muhriz

We only had one more day to be spent in London after the commencement.No sightseeing this time.I think i have seen enough and that was not my sister's first visit to London either,so nobody bother about the tourist sights.We went shopping instead.I managed to cross out a number of items from the baby checklist.But i need to get more clothes for him.Feeding items pon belum complete juga.The squeaky train and orange soft toy on the left were chosen by hubby.One meant to be attached to the buggy's bumper bar,the other tue pulak toy busuk baby.Hihihi first time parents nie mmg main hentam beli barang ;pCath Kidston tue stroller bag kot hahaha entah,i don't think hubby nak tolong bawak bag tu nanti hikhik.One question,kat Malaysia ok tak pakaikan baby legging?Panas tak diorang?


SyaNa said...

best nye byk da ko soping ek
kt sini sana sini aku tgk baby pakai legging
online shop pn byk jual.ok la kot tak panas

Ami said...

Byk lagi takde tu syana,feeding stuff especially,next trip eh?boleh la beli.aku byk beli romper huhu,tapi macam kesian plak byk sgt tak pakai seluar baby nanti kang ;p

angahrahafza said...

bestnyeee!!! hehe..barang baby ni mmg la cute2..bile saya punye turn ni :P ami balik end of june kan?bole la angah hadiah kan knitted baby set nnti :P hehe..

NadiahKhair said...

Hi ami!

waaahh! kalau dah start shopping that means he's coming real soon eh? sure excited parents to be nih. sweet je :D

mesia quite panas skrg nih so i wudnt rekemen leggings. most of the time nad pakaikan baby romper je. kalau sejuk, selimutkan. other than that,mmg romper all the time.

btw,congratulations IC alumni!!! :D

take care ami.

Ami said...

angah: tuh la,mmg rabun mata!yeay tenkiu2,susah2 aje,cewaah ;p

nad: not so soon nad,sekarang baru 26 weeks tapi mak ayah jenis tak sabar hehe.tuh la,asik beli romper je nie,hubby ckp anak awak nie nanti tak pakai seluar ke?hahaha rase kalau pakai leggings pon kat mall je la ek,tapi baby boy pakai leggings ok ka?owh tenkiu2 ;p

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