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harith ami & muhriz

9 months is a long time to be expected not to travel.Pregnancy WAS once seen as something that sent women to their homes but nowadays traveling is fairly safe for most pregnant mommies.If your pregnancy is an uncomplicated one,don't miss the chance,just go and explore the world!

I have been traveling around since i was only a few weeks pregnant.Remember my Barcelona trip?And my friends visit a week after that,which we went for a little hiking up to the Neuschwanstein Castle?But at that time,i did not even know i was pregnant!Kalau tau mmg tak pegi la naik bukit time winter.And when i was 9 weeks,i flew back alone to Malaysia,that was a 12 hours flight journey.Kat Malaysia for 3 months tue pulak,travel from KL to Kerteh then ulang alik to Kuantan before going back to KB and back to KL again.Then at 19 weeks,i returned to Deutschland,and recently the UK trip,bawak my sister here and there in Bayern nie and in the next few days,my in laws will be here,and we are traveling out of Deutschland for 9 days with them.No,you don't have to be super fit to travel during this period.My first trimester was not smoooth either.I was almost hospitalized for constantly throwing up.But moving forward,this 2nd trimester has been wonderful!Anyway,in the case of traveling,use your common sense to help make you trip more safe and comfortable.Just don't overdo it,when your body says no,then it's a NO and when you're tired,take a break.

What i've been doing is,before i travel,i'll make sure my gynae is well informed about my plan and has her reassured that my body is fit to do so.Hari tue when we were in Manchester,my sister's friend tue keep on asking me,"Tak penat ke?Nak rehat ke?Tak sakit belakang ke? I appreciate her concern and alhamdulillah everything was fine.But i think it would be nicer if she said something like "You look healthy dear!" For me,being pregnant doesnot mean you're sick,it's not a disease,it doesnot mean you are weak.When you're healthy,your baby will grow healthy too.And i believe my baby love it when we're on the move,hari tue bila dah balik rumah,he kicked constantly as if shouting "i want another ride mama!" huhu

When my sister was here,the first place we brought her was the-must-see-building in Bavaria;Neuschwanstein Castle lah!In Bayern nie takdak tempat lain,castle nie jugak hikhik.I love this building,it's by far,the most impressive and beautiful castle i've ever seen.When we were there, i saw this pregnant woman with her husband and two toddlers waiting for their turns for the tour,gila hebat,i think she was even further away than i am,8mths if not more kot,and she has 2 kids to handle somemore!In case you're wondering,to see the inside of the castle,you have to join the guided tour and believe me,the queue was usually long so plan you visit properly.And no photos is allowed inside the castle.

So here are some shots.It was one rainy day and that was actually my 4th visit to this fairytale building.The castle looks outstanding in all seasons,especially in winter,when the whole area is wrapped in white blanket. Of course i did not hike this time and took the shuttle bus instead.We still had to walk from where the shuttle dropped us to the castle,about 300m.But the little hike was well worth it and the view (after the rain)was absolutely breathtaking masyaAllah :)

You can either 1.hike 2.take the carriage 3.take shuttle bus to the castle.
The carriage is expensive but rather smelly and it's a 15 minutes journey mind you!
Spot the castle?
Walking to the Marien Bruecke

Hubby and sister
The Neuschwanstein Schloss( view from the bridge)
Si gemok hihi
Spot the bridge!

Looks familiar?Of course!
This castle was the inspiration for the Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle

So if you happen to be in Bayern,stop by this castle and say Guten Tag!


nurul aziyana said...

betul la long as blh jalan2, pegi jer..hihi pun strt weeknd dpn, tiap minggu nk berjalan

Liyana said...

A very fairy-tale type of castle. Anyway, mmg byk fairy tales originally from Germany, kan?

iswatie "colours of life" said...

different with body x leh nak tolerate ngan travel...maybe bb dlm perut nih nak mummy dia travel oversea kot mcm auntie ami...kekekekeke

ingat lagi gambar ami with that castle time winter..lg cantik....alahai bila la nak sampai sana nih??

Ami said...

azie: aah kalau sihat jalan je hihi

nana: yerp,i believe so.Grimm's are amongst the famous ones.

watie: huhu jalan sini kadang lagi penat watie,semuanya naik public transport.tapi weather die nice lah,tak panas so tak letih sgt.insyaAllah one day,jalan ber-5 okeh?

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