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harith ami & muhriz

Salam All.
First of all,happy new year and many thanks for your well wishes :) I've been meaning to update but the visa thingy kept me busy for the past few days.Ulang alik Wisma Tan&Tan and Wisma Putra penat sungguh,nasib ade Garmin! Now i need to wait for at least another 4 weeks to get back m
y passport,hopefully everything is ok.

I think the fact that hubby isn't here has finally hit me!!Awal-awal sampai hari tue ok,but now that i'm easily tired and throw up least once a day,i definitely miss abg huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( It's the weather too i guess,very hot and humid!Panas sgt senang peni
ng nak muntah,nak marah org pon ade hehehe apekah?

Anyway,among the many to dos in malaysia is to get a nice dress for my commencement this
coming May.Initially i just planned to get a ready made dress but by April this tummy will be obvious.So i went to Euro Moda and got a nice 3 tones chiffon,thinking to turn the piece into something like this,but with cuff not bubble sleeves.Ok tak?

Hubby thinks i will end up looking like a
pregnant bridesmaid in this dress huhu. Tak kire sayang,i'm sending this to the tailor soon lalala.And i bought a piece of shantung to replace the sarong of my 3.5 year old wedding kebaya.The original dress comes with 0.5m train which explains why i have not wear it again after our reception.I'm surprised that the sales assistant said they still have the same 2 tons french lace,only the price is doubled!feuwwwwh,sib baik saya dah kawen awal2,makin mahal wedding nie yer.Actually i can't even fit into the dress now.Tapelah,dress itu motivation utk kurus balik hihi.


zailamohamad said...

akak ingatkan Ami tadi!!! (gambar tersebut) by the way, cantik ape mak buyong pakai macam tu;P

Naddy said...

congrats on ur pregnancy :)

iswatie "colours of life" said... really nice you with that dress. ami kan petite gitew harus comei n im sure ur tummy pun x la nampak sgt..

cant wait to see your new face..hahahah..chubby kah?

have you finished ur what-to-eat-in-malaysia list?

Anonymous said...

masa our farewell dinner haritu kan, my colleagues asked me to wear long dress camtulah. diorg kata, pakai macam Angelina Jolie masa dia tgh preggie - hot momma gitu. tp tak brani lah. hahaaa... lg pn nak cari yg dah ready made payah, saya ni rendang :P nak pegi tailor made masa tu mmg tak smpt. so bile tgk gmbr ni, i think u'll look gorgeous in it. haruslah post gambar kat sini once dah siap nnti ;)


Liasari said...

that's a nice one ala2 jubah lah jugak kan.
btw, if u r still around kl on 23rd jan do drop by 2 my hse ye, makan ;-) . eh how 2 send invitation card?

okinokiyo said...

ami, congrats sbb dah preggy.ohh i happynye membaca :D take care yer..

and pakai jek baju yg mmg show the belly, later leh show the baby yg she/he was there too, in the mama's belly!

Ami said...

k.ila: aiyoo kak ila,kalau ade jambul mmg kene pukul bontot la ami;p

naddy: thanks!

watie: almost dah dpt semua watie hehe.actually tailor suggest tukar design,yg macam maternity dress sket sebab die takot ketat kat perut hahaha

aida: put up your pic babe,nak tgk!!i mmg masalah negara nak cari ready made clothes nie sebab i kan amat tak tinggi hahaha.dress tu siap end of the month,hopefully it turns out ok.

Lia: 23rd ade kat msia lagi,but probably ami dekat kelate.thanks for inviting Lia!nanti letak gambar rumah baruuuu tue.

mai: thanks mai!hopefully taylor tue buat cutting betul la,takot too tight or too loose jer.

CiKaYu said...

cantik...mesti u cute dgn belly u tu nanti..

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