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harith ami & muhriz

I'm back from Oberaudorf :)

No white Christmas here in Augsburg hu
Hubby ckp ade snow sket jer last week and that's it,hujan jer ade lah.
The way die Deutsche (the Germans) celebrate Christmas is a bit different from Britons or Americans.
They unwrap the gifts on the Christmas Eve or Heiliger Aben
d and not on the morning of the 25th!
Then they fancy this guy called Nikolaus on top of Santa Claus
Owh and Christmas market(Weihnachtsmarkt) is a must v
isit,the highlights are Christmas deco,Gluehwein,Bratwurst etc.So last Sunday was my 3rd visit to the Augsburg's Weihnactsmarkt(went there in winter04 and winter05),camera bawak,tapi tak letak battery huhu,so i just attach old pics lah yer:p
Okie Oberaudorf story!
Unfortunately our Rodeln Fahren trip had to be cancelled sebab the Rodeln path tu tak cukup snow plak,aiseh.Skiing park jer bukak.Sebab dah sampai kan,pegi j
ugak la to the top of the hill,nur fur wandern(jalan2) :) The rest of the trip,lepak di rest house saje.Early Wed morning,terus balik Augsburg and did the last minute grocey shopping since the stores will be closed for a few days kan.
Ok,happy holiday all!


Ninie said...

bestnya snowww...happy new year to both of u too...

Ami said...

Happy New Year to you too Ninie :D!

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