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harith ami & muhriz

Our first road trip in England :)
Tapi mase kat Bath and Oxford,it rained cats and dogs!So tak jalan pon,pusing town dgn kete jer hehehe.
Back in London,we went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards.I have been here for half a year,but that was my first time to the palace :p.Over excited pulak tue,the event start at 1130am,tapi 1045am kecoh keluar rumah,even naik bus 15 mins jer to the palace,hubby ckp nie sapa tourist nie :p.
Hubster's going back to Germany tomorrow morning :( then dah packing barang,he'll be heading to Copenhagen for a month plak.Hopefully jadi la wifey nie pegi visit sane.

Stonehenge Windsor Castle
Changing of the Buckingham Palace Guards


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