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harith ami & muhriz

I love cookies(at least since i come here,kat msia mkn tat nenas jer:p)
First it was M&S cookies,then Cadbury's then Fox's,but on top of all,it's Ben's Cookies(and Millie's) that i love most.Yummeeeyyyy yummyyy!!!
The smell,sedapp sgt2,i'm sending a box to my family through my housemate.tapi sendiri makan pulak dah,anak durhaka sungguh.So esok pagi2 kene gi Ben's lagi nak topup.
Selalu macam tue,hari tue bawak balik Krispy Kreme for hubby,
sendiri makan jugak :p

My favourite-Triple Choc!
Anyway,London Fashion Week is finally over.
I have nothing to do with it,
except that i passed through the exhibition every day on the way to the college
(itu pon nak kire ye:p)If you're lucky,you might get some free fashion magazines( i got 2!!).
When they started b
uilding up the tent,i thought it was for a concert :p
Well,who can expect an event like that at the National History Museum kan?
Dinosour? and fashion?
That's the NH Museum at the back,the admission is free so yerp if you're visiting London especially with kids,
bring them here


eiseai said...

yummmm...i love cookies

tapi what i miss the most is gregg's egg tart. 4 for a quid. oh sodappppppp

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

wah london fashionnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sure ramai models.. celebrity kt situe ...havocccc ;-)

Anonymous said...

musti nicer than famous amos kan?

hishh kat sini sedap biskut ade milies kat sini?


Ami said...

eiseai: Gregg's eh?wokie nanti nak try!

Diana: mmg serabut,nak lalu pegi sekolah pon sesah nafas huhh.

Aida: yerp dear,shedapp sgt!Millie's tak de kot kat Msia.

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