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harith ami & muhriz

Rindunye Mr.Bunny nie.
Kalau die bace this post,mesti die ckp "eiii jgnla letak gambar abg besar2 kat blog" huhuhu :p.
Tapi sekarang die pegi jalan2 to Viking Ship Museum or sth,bila die balik nanti tgk la,mesti ckp macam tue.

Weekend was bosan.
I was praying it's going to be bright and sunny,tapi mane ade,London macam biasa,gloomy saje.
I was in my room most of the time except on Sat morning,was out to Victoria Station and South Ken,beli Ben's cookies lagi,bleh tak?It's the time of the month,when body hormones change,semua bende rase nak mkn kan?

On another note,my dissertation topic has been finalized and approved,hopefully boleh siap on time,pray for me!


redrania said...

ami yg prayers are with u..sonok tgk kengkawan pi further study nih..
oohh the M yr hopefully ada la sorang ami junior..:)all the best!

Aida Narina said...

ami waiting to get pregnant eyh :)
insyaAllah the time will come, esp to someone that is sweet as you. Btw, soton sunny aje weekend haritu, but i stayed home to finish some work ;p

Ami said...

Azie,thanks dear!Itula,insyaAllah,kene berusaha neh.Tapi tanak stress sgt,sokmo remind myself to bersabar hehe.

Aida,i am dear :)Jealous neh tgk baby cute2 hehe.Thank you aida!!
Yerp me too,was trying to finish some reading but ended up tgk movie jer lebih,ape nak jadi kan?:p

Anonymous said...

the time will come,insyaAllah :)
kiteorg pn tgh berusaha nih.hehehe... sbb geram tgk baby cute2+baju bajan yg chomels.thehee...

on the other note, goodluck & my prayes will be with u.


Ami said...

Good luck to you too aida :)
Ha ah mmg geram tgk baby cute2 nie,suke bace blog mommy2,survey2 barang2 baby kan?I sukee la sgt survey buggy huhu.InsyaAllah our turn will come,baby 2010 ok?selamat berusaha :p

iswatie "colours of life" said...

Good Luck Ami! Insyallah ada rezeki tuh..

Ami said...

Thanks watie,usaha tangga kejayaan kan?huhuhu.

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