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harith ami & muhriz

Grrr,exam schedule is out!
Balik Augsburg kene bawak buku huhu.

One thing for sure,we wont be travelling out of Bayern this Easter Break.
Enough with Muenchen utk kesian kalinya.
9 papers in 3 weeks haiyoo.
Viel Glueck Pn Ami!

I really need to start revising,dah almost 3.5 yrs tak exam nie :p
Tapi on Sunday plannye to Car Boot Sale(if the weather permits).
I've never been to one,yard sale kat US dulu pernah lah.
Heard a lot about it,so yeah why not kan?Jalan2 hujung minggu :)
Enjoy your weekend all!


Lindah: Kamal: Nuha said...

all the best for exam yer...

Anonymous said...

goodluck, Ami!

Car boot sale?
uhuhuhhh... hasrusla kan pegi, wlpn tgh berperang ngan buku2... hihii


Miss Kemek said...

gud lakssss ye amieyy~! =)

Ami said...

lindah: Thanks dear!

Aida: Thanks!Tue la,tak bleh study 24 hrs jer kan,ecee alasan:p

Akma: Thanks Akma!Pss scarf dah post,check email tau

Liyana said...

Good luck.

dulu I gi car boot sale, mesti terbawak balik unnecessary things :)

p/s: Our FM project is on. nanti email your address ya (Germany or London). I belum sempat gi city centre lagi. you nak berapa?

my email:

Ami said...

Thanks Liyana!
I'll drop an email later k :)

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