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harith ami & muhriz

Hihi baru wed dah malas,apa lah kan?
I should be doing some reading and running some circuit simulation but ended up?
-->sunbathing sampai tertido ok hahaha.
Erkk bukan sunbathing kat park or even kat rooftop garden,tapi atas katil ;p
I love it when it's sunny because it's really rare!!

Chelsea under the sun hehe

I guess Spring is finally here,pashmina baru pon
tak guna lagi.Yerp,from Tie Rack and i got it for 1.60GBP each!!
They were on promotion
last 2 weeks!
Just get the coupon(from the DailyTelegraph) and you'll get the pashmina for free.
I was lu
cky to get to the store early when all the nice colors were still available.
Well it's worth 20GBP,sape tamau kan.

And so it's time to shop for Spring clothes!
Enough of boots and winter jackets hehe.
I'd love to have one of these ballet pumps from
FrenchSole, but my feet is size 3.5 yer kawan2:p.
I can fit into size 4 for trainers,but not ballerinas.
So tiap2 hari lalu tgk saje sambil gigit jari,kesian kan?:p


Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

wah sunbathing atas katil yer ami ..he..he.. cantik & comel kasut2 itu .. nak ..nak ..nak .. ;-)

Ami said...

nak jugak dee,tapi tak kaki kecik sgt :(

Liyana said...

alahai, comel nya kaki you. kaki I bagak le :)

Ami said...

Liyana,kaki comel susah nak cari kasut :(

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