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harith ami & muhriz

It's snowyy in London huhu.Why is that a big deal?
Because it's in LONDON,not in West Lafayette,IN huhu.
Last nite all the bus were suspended.And some are still wit
hdrawn from service this morning.
Camne nak gi sekolah nie?
Owh tak payah pegi since the head of department announced all
classes are cancelled today :p!!
So,yours truly and her housemates pon went out to t
he Battersea Park depan rumah
to join other Londoners layan snow:p
I love it when it snows but i'm praying for warmer weather toward
s the weekend sebab....
kereta and hotel sudah reserved!
Hubby,bawak my snow boots sekali this friday yer?

View from my bedroom this morning.Pwetty kan?

Albert Bridge Road

Battersea Park,SW11
me in pink pyjamas huhu!


iswatie "colours of life" said...

ami...suker tgk minah yg pakai pink pyjamas tuh..dah gosok gigi ka??so beautiful the scenery.

how i wish i can be there..mmmmmm

Zack said...

Ami dear.
Scarf dah tibe harini..TQ so muchccyy!! hehe..will patiently waiting for new TR in ur sale blog =)

btw..rajin sungguh tau Ami g amek gambar pagi2 kat snow tu..klu Zack, mmg malas gile~~nk kuo pon jd malesss sgt..

Ami said...

watie: hihi gigi dah gosok la watie :p

zack: you're most welcome zack :) hopefully you love them all okie.
nie kes tade class yg kuar pagi2 dgn baju tido tue huuu.

Liasari said...

i wud give my eye teeth for those views! tak sejuk ke mek pki pyjamas je

Anonymous said...

canteeeekkk nye 1st picture tu.
i've seen almost the same pic kat dlm smlm.
mmg tebal eh snow nye?


Ami said...

lia: once snow dah turun,tak sejuk dah lia.tapi sebelum die turun tue yg sejuk amat hehe.mek malas nak tukar baju tido :p

aida: aah snow paling tebal in almost 2 decades kat london nie.tapi tahan 2 days jer,hari nie dah start melting :)

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