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harith ami & muhriz

My dada is in Hannover since Monday and i think i've started to miss him.Before leaving,he told me to be good and listen to mama.Well dada,i do listen to her until hehe.. last nite!

It felt so different not having you around.Like something is missing.There's no you to sit on while watching u
pin ipin.No You to read our fav book before bedtime.No you next to me on bed.No You to carry me around.Where are you dada?Kenapa pegi work tak balik lagi nie.

But i didnot know how to tell mama.I kept repeating this " ataaa ataa mama ataaa".But to my frustation,mama didnot seem to get it!So i threw fits,maybe you could appear behind the door after hearing my scream.I screamed,threw myself on the floor and kicked,mama picked me up and offered me toys,nenen,food,turned on pororo my fav.But I didnot want those things,i just want you.I heard her telling tokma she had no idea what else to do to distract and calm me down.

Ma ma ma ataaa ataa ataaaa!!!Ehemm well,i meant to say "i want my dada!"
Mama still didnot get it,she kept offering me toys instead so..........i bang my head on mama's face!I looked at mama,her lips were bleeding.Did it hurt mama?I'm sorry!

Mama passed me over to tok ma and she went to the bathroom.When she came back,there was no more blood and she told me it's time for bed.
Light was turn off,i heard mama recite ayat ul Qursi then she kissed me on cheeks and tell me she loves me no matter what,like she always does. Then i heard no more from her,did she fall asleep?was she upset with me? Sorry mama,but dada,can you come back quick?I donot want gift,all i want is you!
Nvm,it's dark,no one would see me rolling on the floor so i counted the sheep,1..2....................987.......zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Bgn pagi tokma pujuk.morning walk pegi tgk ayam,bird


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