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harith ami & muhriz

Pantang! Pantang mama or ayah ckp "no".He will instantly pull his face and give his this mulut ikan and in 30 secs,roll over on all four.Sometimes he even purposely hits his head on the floor!And he does this in public too if you are wondering;depan toys store,dlm tesco huhu.

It used to scare and upset me but now i can see they happen less and less.Depends on the situation,i will either attend or ignore him but will never walkaway.I repeat; NEVER walkaway leaving your screaming kids,mommies!They might hit themselves hard enough to cause injuries.

Anyway,here how i handle the show.If he throws a fit because i say "NO", then i just ignore his screams and cries.I will then proceed with something fun like play with his toys,read his book,or turn on the tv.Muhriz will usually pick himself and join in later hehehe,nampak sgt tadi buat buat =p

But if he is having a tantrum out of frustration like not being able to pick up that container from the laundry basket,I will come to rescue.Pick him up on the floor,give him hug then nenen(most of the time!) and tell him that i will help him.As soon as he is ok,i'll help him to accomplish whatever he doesnot manage before and let he try himself.

What if he does this in the mall and there are like 50 people watching?Haha nie confirm la i angkat terus and try to distract him with something else lah.

But in all cases,marah hanya sekali.Once he throws himself on the ground,sudah sudah la marah.Nanti makin teruk.

Alhamdulillah, the drama doesnot last for more than 5 mins most of the time.Not sure how many of you with kids yg buat macam nie but hope this helps.
Can't wait for this phase to be over!


SyaNa said...

heheee kalo jd kt public mmg akak menakutkan
pastu kang mak yg panik sbb org tgk

so far iman ok lagi..dia akan jd gitu kalo xsehat..time tu nk kite dukung jek
kalo kite letak mula la drama pegang2 kain la..
so nak tak nak angkat je la even badan da condong2 dukung dia yg bukan ringan tu

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