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harith ami & muhriz

I have worked outside the home in the beginning of marriage.Well,we got married at the age of 23,few months after i completed my degree.Hubby needed to go back to DE to complete his Diplom and i have no option but to enter the industry.Long story cuts short,after my MSc,i got pregnant and so we decided that i would be staying at home waiting for the baby to pop out and later taking care of the baby until hmm until we think he's ready to be sent to a babysitter hahaha.

Anyway,staying home with a baby is a whole different game.Unlike regular job, this one doesnot have a break and you have so little time for yourself.My policy is that when my husband goes to work, I get to work. There's always something to be done,one after another;dishes after feeding,cleaning up the bath area after bathing,countless nappy changing and cleaning,laundry,cooking,selling pumps online hehe,and now i'm trying to write more often too.The amount of energy needed is overwhelming especially if your baby likes to be carried around so much like mine hahaha.dukung budak 7kg tue ke hulur hilir sidai kain,sambil makan hehe kurusla mama nye.Whenever i do not not have time to keep up all the chores(especially folding and ironing the laundry), I just left them undone and take care the next day.

And what keeps me sane here?Because my hubby treats me well and appreciate all the things i've done.He doesnot complain if he sees pile of unfolded clothes in the guest room,or if i forget to iron his favorite work pants.But,one thing i try to manage no matter how busy i am with the house duty,is cooking.It is often said that the way to a man's heart is his stomach and everyone agrees on this.If you follow my blog,you will notice that i love cooking simple stuff when i was in Deutschland,nothing fancy mind you.Cook,snap photos and post it here hahaha.I do not cook like a chef,but on most days,i will try to fix something for dinner,even it is as simple as ramly beef burgers and chips!hahaha

Besides home made dinner,my other aim is to have on the table when hubby gets home from work.So semlm hubby mkn bubur kacang ;p.cett so much talking,ckp je la baru first time buat bubur kacang and hubby ckp sedap kuang2 babaiii


Hanis Haizi said...

mule2 mmg x boring pastu lelama... hehehe mau tensionnn ngehehee

nurul aziyana said...

hahha bagus la ami, blh 10hari pun rase cm xmampu..wut a poor mother la sy ni..kui2

Ami said...

haha maybe sebab baby kecik lagi,kene attend him all the time,so tak bosan.kalau die dah start main sendiri and gi sekolah maybe lah kot jadi mama bosan kat rumah.sebab tu some mothers make this arrangement as temporary.macam westeners pon,most wives stay at home to raise their babies but once diorang besar sket,they will get back to their jobs.tapi sane maternity leave is 6mths and some boleh extend to 1 year,so takpe la.

Ami said...

zie kalau kerja ikut office hr penat jugak especially bile balik keje,time tu lah kene handle baby,rumah,masak huhu

zailamohamad said...

akak dulu pon SAHM juga, masa tu macam Ami r, enjoy duduk rumah jaga anak, masak ntok suami & masa tu lg kurus banding ngan sekarang sebab makan hanya sekali sehari je (masa hubby balik keje) tapi kalo time keje, pagi makan, tghr makan balik malam pon makan *pengsan* tapi yerlah dulu akak bergantung pd suami je so kewangan agak terhad & i think i need to do something to help him to have better life so akak keje..walaupon gaji xbanyak mana tp Alhamdulillah rezeki kami & anak2, lepas dapat Ameera here come #3 & insya allah, lepas bersalin nanti akak plan to be WAHM pula, dulu2 xtahu yang duduk rumah pon macam2 kita boleh buat ntok dapatkan extra $$ tapi sekarang i think i know where & what i have to bersyukurlah bila kita boleh membesarkan anak2 dengan tangan kita sendiri rather than hantar diorang awal2 pg then ambik lewat malam..sian kat diorang;(

Ami said...

betul kak ila,senang hati jage baby sendiri nie,takde pening2 camne babysitter treat die,nak2 skang ni byk kes.suke tgk muhriz happy2 nie.itulah sekarang stay kat rumah macam2 boleh buat sambil jaga anak ni kan?

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