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harith ami & muhriz

yeay my baby can roll over and over and over and then creeep hihi!When he first discovered it,it was 12am!Dah pandai tue excited pulak mamat tue,he rolled and rolled non stop for half an hour,cuak mama dgn pak die takot jatuh katil.mak jadi pagar kat one corner,pak kat one corner,pagar bantal tak jadi sebab die roll naik atas bantal huhu.Well,it can be fun for you baby, but it can also be nerve-racking for us!
And since muhriz grasps basically everything he picks up into the mouth,with this newly found mobility,i have to be extra careful.the other day,i left him for less than 3 mins to loo,and when i returned,he was at the other side of the mat,chewing a rubber band!I almost die,ok!
Haaa,this guy loves ripping up papers so much too!Habis bills,receipts,mama's note,semua kene hehe.and that goes into his mouth jugak.And not to mention dirt he picked up at the corner.nampak sgt mama malas tak sempat nak sapu rumah.nasib sempat flushed out from his mounth.i will try to baby proof as much as i can.i know that is one way for him to explore the world but why the mouth,baby?mama hope you will get over this phase as i am absolutely terrified!everytime i see him chewing something,mesti i gi korek mulut die.kadang2 tak dak ape pon dlm mulut,die saja buat kunyah2,nak kene betul!


Ayu said...

Hish geramnya tgk muka cheeky dia tuh. Kalau dapat depan2 ni, mampus kena gomol. ; )

Nurul Diana@Mama Adam + Aidil said...

cantikkk cddddd dia ;-)

Ami said...

aunty ayu: jgn gomol shaye,nanti shaye nangis kang kang hehe

diana: huhu plain CD far tak berani try brand lain except lunatots dgn bamboolite.

Precious Moments said...

They do love to chew on things! 3 of my kids would just chipmunk things in their mouths and I would constantly find several things just stuffed up in their cheeks....they never choked, they just liked to hold stuff in their mouths and chew on it...funny huh?

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