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harith ami & muhriz

Baby feeding is not easy.Planning a nutrious meal for him is fun but encouraging him to eat is totally a different story.My baby used to accept almost everything i put in his bowl.But now,no anchovies,no chicken,no sweet potatoes and i hope the list stops there.But he loves fish,especially salmon.Salmon twice a day makes Muhriz smells so fishy hahaha so a bath is a must after a bowl of salmon and broccoli!

Recently muhriz loves feeding himself.He will reach out for his food (and mine too) and grasp into his mouth.But he loves throwing food as he is eating it.By the way i see it,he's throwing for fun,gelak sakan seeing food all over the place!More mess,more work for more.Allowing him to feed himself is a vital stage of his development,so i just let him and let hubby picks up the cleaning later hahaha.

Until this phase is over,i shall just enjoy the mess,and be patient i guess ;p.


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