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harith ami & muhriz

There are many ways that breast milk far outweighs the best formula including its ability to provide perfect nutrition for your baby.

Breastfeeding has never been a question for me,i was determined to breastfeed my baby way before i got pregnant with Muhriz.But i keep telling myself to be open if it doesnot work for us but we will try our best.After all,if we fail to breastfeed for the first time or even for the first few days,does not mean it will fail forever.Breastfeeding is learned and does not come naturally,it needs practice.

As i delivered via c-sect,it took me a while to gain full consciousness and as soon as i did,the epidural effect wore off!!Seriously who ever says c-sect delivery is nothing compared to normal one mmg nak kene sekeh huhu.
I know delaying the initiation is not good but i needed some time to recover myself.Coming out from the OT,I could not even feel my legs and could hardly move,so fearing i might drop Muhriz instead of holding him,i chose to rest first and let the excited family entertain the baby.

And i have informed the nurses that i would like to give breastfeeding a try and since we got a private room to ourselves,they have no problem rooming in Muhriz whenever i requested to.Muhriz was delivered at Pusat Perubatan An Nisa,Kota Bharu and i highly recommended this hospital as the staff sgt2 bagus and friendly!The hospital was well established,dah lama dah since 1980+ if i'm not mistaken,even some of my friends pon were delivered there hahahaha.
Back to the nursing,first trial-failed!I thought i have read and reread everything to boost my nursing savvy,but i still failed to get Muhriz to hold on to the breasts!Kasi kiri tak boleh,kanan tak boleh jugak!Jgn tension,jgn tension!Muhriz was hungry and stressing up won't help.Try lagi and he managed to hook up,but there's no milk hihihi poor baby.
I think he managed to drink some milk on the second day,but by then,we've already topped up with formula since most of the times mama was busy picit hidung baby instead of helping him latching up.i got discharged on the 3rd day and as soon as i got home,the nurses from local klinik kesihatan came to visit.Though i delivered at a private maternity center,i chose to inform the local kk so that they could come for home visit,it's a free service,bagus betul!muhriz was diagnosed with jaundice,a mild one,so they advised me to breastfeed him EXCLUSIVELY!so that's the end of his Mamil Gold,guna tak sampai 10 sudu.This was when the pump became so handy!I pumped every 2-3 hours,before or after nursing.Mmg macam kilang susu.Nasib baik hubby mmg pasang pump to siap2 before pegi hospital,dah basuh semua storage bottle and charged battery siap2.To my surprise,everyone in the house was so supportive about this.Hubby mmg lah,he read and prepared himself a lot more about parenting ni than i was.Hubby handled the EBM to be stored,washed,sterilized and assembled the pump.Tok ma and tok wan,tukang jaga muhriz mlm2,bgn panaskan EBM to feed him at 2 and 4am.and since it was fasting month,night feeding was not a problem,satu family bangun huhu,lepas subuh,satu family pengsan!;p

Well,that was 6 months ago :) Now,budak kecik nie busy tolong mama pump ye nak?


Anonymous said...

bagusnyaa..satu kontinjen support selagi susu mengalir kan..

*kak gie*

Ami said...

insyaAllah :)

zailamohamad said...

bagusnya Ami..kak ila dulu masa Haziq pon Alhamdulillah sempat bfkan Haziq sampai dia umur 10 bulan lepas tu kak ila mengandungkan Ameera & start keje & masa tu memang susu terus xde langsung, memang sian r kat Haziq, dahle kn tinggal kat nursery then xleh nak neneng susu mama lg;(

masa Ameera pula sempat bf dia dlm pantang je sebab pas habis pantang akak masuk keje & bulan pose lak tu so confirm xleh minum air & mama pon malas nk g pam susu & tambah pula ngan Ameera yang suka ngamuk lapar so terpaksalah bg dia minum susu FM. even skrg pon, balik je rumah b4 tidur dia boleh habiskan 2,3 botol susu..asyik nak susu je keje anak dara ni

anak ke 3 ni, k.ila harap k.ila akan rajin perah susu & insya allah nak fully bf juga tapi we'll see, orang kata cakap senang dr buat so xberani nk ckap lebih2..tunggu baby kuar dulu;)

iswatie "colours of life" said...

ohhhh......saya angau itu FS.....

Ami said...

watie: angau meh order,spesel price hehehe

k.ila: insyaAllah,baby baru ni bleh bfeed,since k.ila pasang niat awal2 kan hehe.kuat betul ameera minum susu ye,kalah abg haziq ke?ami rase bfeeding nie kalau takde support dari famile especially hubby lah,mmg susah.ami sendiri awal2 dulu dah muhriz tak pandai lagi hisap,ami pon blurr,nak nangis dah.sib baik hubby byk tulun.jom k ila join bfeeding club semula!

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