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harith ami & muhriz

This friday,Muhriz will turn 13 weeks!How time flies.Owh baby,you grow up so fast!
It seems like yesterday i was battling with the morning sickness and back pain.

I digged out some old photos and found this

Muhriz dlm perut lagi hahaha
I haven't shared the delivery story here,hmm maybe some other time.Mine was an elective/planned c-section;so basically i was advised to deliver the baby through operation.I could try for normal delivery but there's high chances that i will end up with c-sect.Though i did not endure the contraction pain and what not,the recovery process was so painful!Imagine your stomach being cut all the way from left to right?huhuhu

Anyway,my darling Muhriz,this is your mok mok mama few minutes before being pushed into the OR;before we first met :) I had never being admitted into the hospital before,so nak pakai ward gown pon tak pandai ;p

pakai gown terbalik ;p
...and Muhriz makes three!
Muhriz bucuk @12 weeks.He extremely loves his bathing time
But he hates to get dress!Dressing and nappy changing sessions have become one wresting match ok.Gosh this boy kalau boleh nak togel2 je tau.
Jgn besar cepat sgt tau,nanti mama rindu nak gomol2 hihi


SyaNa said...

ami, rasa cepat je kan
tup tup kang da jd anak bujang

Ami said...

tuh la syana,celik tido celik tido dah besar sob sob

Nurul Diana@Mama Adam + Aidil said...

wah bersilat ler ami time nak pakaikan baju dia yer ;-)

CiKaYu said...

muhriz is so adorable..rasa nk cium je pipi dia tu

Ami said...

diana: mmg bersilat habis,kalau hubby ade tahan la sikit,sorang pegang or entertain die,sorang pakaikan.kalau ami sorang2 kene pasang lagu kuat2 huhu

ayu: thanks aunty ayu.kalau mood die elok,kite kiss je pipi die terus die ternganga2 hahaha

angah sam said... mmg cepat besar..tu yg bcadang nak rileks dulu lepas dpt baby.x nak keje lagi :P takut balik2 keje je die dh pandai jalan.huhu..

zailamohamad said...

dah mama dio kecik sangat dekpom, heheheh
dah besar nanti jangan buli mama tau;D

Precious Moments said...

Very cute, and he looks just like you :)

Ami said...

angah: tue la,ami pon ingat nak tunggu muhriz besar sket baru keje balik

.ila:hahaha tuh la,hubby kate,badan anak dgn mama nok same besar dah.

sara: thanks sara :)

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