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harith ami & muhriz

I've always wanted to write and share something about my breastfeeding journey because i heart it hahaha.Since sekarang adalah mood malas,i just start with a short one.

Getting started is not easy(at least for me)

but once you get the hang of it.........
you will never want to turn back hihihi.

Ok,those photos are an old ones;one when Muhriz was 5 days and the later when he was 1.5 mths old.I used to pump,even i'm 24-7 with him.Long story cuts short,now my bab yonly accepts direct feeding and all thanks to mama yang tiba tiba tak pump and asyik kasi Ms B sampai ayah cakap nanti jual balik itu freestyle kan baru tahu! ;p


Nadia Dzai said...

hehehe, good luck on your bf journey!

nurul aziyana said...

heeh the 1st one tu susu awal..walaupun ckit tp khasiatnya fuhh..ami, kasik sewa ajer fs tu

Ami said...

thanks nodie!you might consider it too nanti2 if little one is coming.

zie,hahaha tok se,pump gok le ning,tapi si muhriz tue buat main2 je hisap nye.nak habis 2oz dlm bottle pon puas kene baling bottle tue huhu

iswatie "colours of life" said...

chaiyok ami....moh bf....kalu x guna freestyle tuh..meh baling kat wati..kekekeke

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