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harith ami & muhriz

Hubby was not very happy with comments he's been getting about his err weight gain =p
Sure,exercising is a nice strategy for losing weight but it will go down the drain if you donot control you food intake.So hubby decided to do 2 things
1.Cut his meal portion
2.Skip at least twice a day

He should thank me for the second idea.He never ever skips before hahaha girls jer skip katenya.Tapi sekarang eksen nak jadi Rocky nak buat criss cross pulak.So hubby skips twice a day sekarang;before morning shower,selepas pulang dari kerja.We thought skipping is an excellent choice because it is as effective as other aerobic exercise;it improves your heart rate, promote fat loss, improve flexibility and co-ordination and balance and it also improves muscle tone and the best reason to skip is because it is cheap!All you need is just a skip rope and you can get one for less than RM10.We used to have sets of dumb bells and a sit up chair tapi lepas tue simpan belakang pintu buat tempat labah labah membiak ;p

So go abg,you can do it!
Yours truly skips 150/day,not bad kot hak hak


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