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harith ami & muhriz

Dah entry no 56,tahun nie ada lagi 2 bulan.I only have 37 entries in 2010 tapi tahun nie rajin pulak.2010 byk tulis pasal living abroad,then balik Malaysia on hiatus jap,sibuk nak beranak then sibuk dgn Muhriz kecik lagi.Baru perasan bulan bulan terakhir di Deutschland tak byk update blog,pasal Andalucia pon tak ade update hihi.

So mari ke Andalucia hari ini.I instantly fall in love with Spain after our visit to Barcelona.The people,the weather,the ambiance,the scenery.And i was so looking forward to travel to Spain again.Hubby's family was with us in DE for 2 weeks,jadi masa yg baik utk rombongan cik kiah.Moreover,i was 29 weeks along at that time,risau juga kalau travel jauh2 berdua je kan?Alhamdulillah,diberi kesihatan yg baik sepanjang mengandungkan Muhriz.Boleh travel jauh2,naik flight few hours pon ok :)

So,we took an Easyjet flight from London Luton Airport.Malaga was 2 hrs away from London.The flight was delayed for 3 hrs so we arrived Malaga Airport at 1am instead!Luckily the car rental company(Europcar) waited for us(with extra charge but can be claimed with the airlines).It took us no more than 20 mins to pick up our pre booked VW Tauran.Figured out renting a car and apartment were the best option since there were 6 of us.Andalucia have few exciting cities to explore and our trip was like this Malaga-Granada-Cordoba-Sevilla-Malaga.

Malaga sits on the Mediterranean coastline.Jadi though it was scorching hot summer,the sea breeze brought down the temperature.Forgive me as i've already forgotten the names of these attractions hehe.But the historical sites are mostly Moorish ruins;fortress,castle.

Entrance to the bullfight ring
2 budak gemok di main shopping street

The fortress

cantek kan?
Malaga is the birthplace for Picaso but we skip the museum visit tapi sibuk pergi ke pasar!Buah buahan spain sgt sedap tahu tak?next day sudah ke Alhambra,Granada,i save that for the next post.

Anyway,few notes for preggy mommies yg wish to travel by air:
-inform your gynae and ask her if you are fit to travel
-get an OK letter from your gynae (you might be asked for it during check in/boarding if you check in online)
-check the airlines policy tapi selalunye boleh fly up to 36 weeks(28 weeks and up kene ada support letter dari dr)
-move your legs regularly or just walk around to promote blood circulation(tapi jgn selalu sgt nanti org ingat kite restless nak beranak hiks)
-seat close to the aisle.u might need to use the loo more than everybody else
-minum air and have snacks ready


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