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harith ami & muhriz

Yes,I am addicted to Muhriz.Ever since we have him,i wrote about nothing else but him.So this is another entry dedicated to you,my baby.Hopefully bila besar nanti kamu boleh baca hehe.

Hubby and i have many plans for Muhriz: raise him at home at least for the first year-which i have already talked in the previous entry breastfeed him at least until he turns 2-syukur i never have problems with my milk supply. go with cloth instead of disposable diapers-i will blog about this later carry/wear him in the carrier pacifier or buai-hurray!

This entry is about no 4.We thought a baby carrier is as important as other stuff that has to be bought when a little person arrives,especially if he is the first one to enters the family.From online reviews,it seems that Baby Bjorn tops the others for its durability and comfortness,jadi saya pon nak satu!

I love Muhriz's Quinny Buzz. But because of its size,yg consume half of the bontot kereta,buggy nie mmg kene tinggal kalau balik kampung or pegi trip mana2 yg jauh(mama suke angkut barang macam nak pindah rumah) or kalau i keluar berdua dgn Muhriz,mmg i tak akan bawak ler buggy nie.It's 10kg i tell you,size nak sama besar dgn mama =p.So we just use it for weekend outing with hubby.

Tapi takpe(sebut macam iklan Dutch Lady!),kami bawa Baby Bjorn carrier ke mana2.It is one thing we can't leave the home without.BB nie mmg kami letak dlm kereta.And muhriz is carried in it ke pasar,pasar malam,hypermarket,mall,mana2 lah yg agak2 tak sesuai angkut buggy kedabak die tue.I have been dreaming to wear my baby in sling lah,pouch lah,but with my petite size,rasa tak balance dukung budak nie lama lama hehe.And since dah beli BabyBjorn nie,rasa membazir pulak kalau beli another carrier(yer,bende nie mmg tak cheapo!).So we just go with it tapi adjust punya adjust to the smallest possible setting pon,masih agak loose dan besar dgn saya,mmg dasar ikan bilis hihi.It works on hubby,so hubby does the job,wearing his son here and there.Saya suke la,boleh lenggang mak limah,plus nampak hubby so fatherly ahahaha ayat cover tamau dukung anak!
After all day spending time with mama,it's time to get close to dada la pulak kan?

Hubby started wearing him since he was 2 .5 months
Facing inward for sleeping baby

Snug and securejust recently at Genting.Yer,dah 13 bulan pon masih in baby carrier hikhik.

You might want to consider this carrier too if you're looking for one.
I so want a pink sling tapi for sure hubby will go against it atau lagi parah confirm mama sorang la kene pakainya.


Anonymous said...

Umar pun still ok kalau kiteorg carry dia dalam carrier. but we bought soft structure carrier (SSC) which is Ergobaby. mmg samalah, carrier adalah must dalam kereta ke mana saja. senang! :D
and i was this close to buy baby pouch... tapi bila husband kata macam bibik bila i pakai tu, terus tak jadi beli. haha.


dd said...

dear would love to share you with this..
n would like to ask you to join us at
for more safer babywearing . :)

Ami said...

thanks for the invite dd!

aida: hari tue tgk org pakai SSC,nampak best jer,maybe i would consider that one for 2nd baby later.

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