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harith ami & muhriz

i was flipping through the folder,ternampak folder barcelona nie.
Went there in winter 2009,after i completed my MSc.I love Barcelona,and dying to go back there.Everytime DH asked me which Euro trip i love most,the answer will be the same(for now lah)hehe.And there's another reason why do i heart the trip so much;it was our conceptionmoon hahaha.Well,sort of.I was trying to get pregnant months before that.With the thesis writing going on,stress dohhh.So DH decided it was best for us to go for a short getaway.It was freezing cold in Deutschland at that time,so we chose a warmer city and Barcelona it was.Timing mmg kene,about 2 weeks after my period,alhamdulillah semuanya dgn izin Allah.
Hubby cakap pasal tue la Muhriz has brown and goldish hair,made in Barca,baked in Augsburg kekeke.


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