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harith ami & muhriz

When i was expecting,the top thing on the list hubby and i was deciding was whether or not i should continue working.Of course the decision is clearly for me to be a stay at home mama and raise the baby at home.

This decision of living on one income for us was not fairly easy.But we have been preparing for it ever since we got married 4 years before,if we werenot,could you figure how did we ever got married when we were still 23?When hubby was still studying and i just started my first job 6 mths earlier?We are so proud that the wedding itself,though nothing grand,was minimally funded by both parents.The answer was simple,when other guys chose to get new gadgets from the store,hubby sticked to his old HTC sampai lunyai.And when other girls have lines of designer bags,i decided to have just a PRADA and a FENDI hahaha tgk org lain pakai nangis jer la.

The deciding factor that come into play was we donot want some one else to raise our baby,at least for the first year of his life. Hubby and i agree that growing him at home is the best and safest instead of sending him to a daycare.You know how fragile a baby below the age of 1 kan?And we want to cherish the time when muhriz is still young.I believe all parents want the same too;to be able watch the child grow up each and every single min and to be the first who witness the little one's new milestone.And what's with all the not-so nice story about the careless and some are even heartless babysitters these days.Mmg risau nak tinggalkan.When Muhriz was younger,he was not an easy baby.He wanted to be held all the time and didnot want to be left alone,he needed 30 mins of rocking and lullabying but slept for only 15mins hehe.Cooking was almost impossible unless while he was taking that 15mins nap.Otherwise just forget it,call hubby to send lunch home or heat up some water,makan lah mee maggi!I was and still glad he didnot need to be cared by somebody else as i fear his carer akan naik angin asik kene makan maggi.i myself pon sometimes stressed up sorang2.Owh this situation might be different for you out there,especially if you have relatives to help looking after your baby while you are away.

Decision was done but can we afford it?Giving up a salary is surely seemeed hard to do.Tapi gaji 5kilo tidak semestinya bawa pulang semuanya bukan?Do the math as you might not be giving up as much money you think. Consider the cost of a babysitter,fuel, eating out, and other work related expenses.Of course when you earn more,you want to buy more expensive things,rumah lagi besar,kereta lagi besar,mortage bertambah.Wait a sec,did i mentioned i'm going to stay home forever?Tidak kan?This is just my temporary arrangement.Of course i want a home of my own,a bigger car,etc too but anak saya baru setahun,i believe he needs my love and attention more than sebuah rumah.

So we learn to live with less income,but we are happy with better quality of living.There's always home made food,baju bersih even not folded,lantai sentiasa ber mop.ala ala keluarga di rumah kecil tapi bahagia huhu.Back then when i was working,even there were just me and hubby,rumah macam kene pukul ribut,dinner tok sah ckp mmg mostly order kedai siam fav tue.Even i went back at 530pm on most day,badan sudah flat letih!Imagine if there were Muhriz yg nak dukung jer hehe.So i salute all working mommies,it puzzles me on how do you manage your routine!

So the 1 year period has passed and my little one,despite masih suke mengempeng dan sudah bagi mama masak tapi i have to give him another set of periuk and senduk,sudah pandai mix around with other kids,sudah makin friendly.Kurang kerisauan if i were to leave him to a carer.So is it the right time to return to the work force?Ok ke to leave him?Ok ke tak ok?But what if the carer is not loving?Is impatient suka marah marah?How to find a trustable one?How to know if she will feed muhriz well and won't leave him unattended?Tak akan pukul?Tak kasi ubat batuk?Should i get a maid and install a CCTV?But i am not comfortable to have a stranger in our home,nor is hubby.Get a babysitter to come to my home and leave as i get back from work?Is that the best option?Or just go on with my online business yg actually cukup to afford nafsu shopping saya?Uiks belum masuk keje sudah nak pengsan!

Mama,i donot want to wake up looking at a stranger!

Tick tock tick tock,fikir fikir fikir.Now where is my MSc cert?


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