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harith ami & muhriz

Muhriz is into books these days,especially those with sounds and texture to touch or pieces to play with.And i am glad we made it to the book sale last weekend.Kalau tak botak mak.Totally worth it.RM77 for all of these,can you believe it?Mostly priced at RM6/book.But we went on the first day,weekend nie dah tak tau lah tinggal buku ape lagi kan.Next year nak dtg as soon as it opens hehe.
More info on the location,opening hours here

Hubby got himself a few books too.My sister got a Jamie Oliver's at rm25.Mama gigit jari.Busy dgn Muhriz,sempat beli buku die jer.After an hour he became restless,a signal that we should get going.On the way to the cashier,nampak the Shopaholic series,RM8 each.So ambik tak tgk kiri kanan.And this one too.No,not yet expecting but it's only for RM10,who could resist?

So guys,if you have no plans for the weekend,heads up to MAEPS k.


aziyana said...

tgk, muhriz dh suruh mommy preggy, bg adik kt die nk main same2

Ami said...

tak boleh kalau sekarang muhriz ade adik.naik kereta mesti huru hara heehehe.husna dulu la jadi k long ;p

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