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harith ami & muhriz

I was reading through this parenting website when i came across an article over baby name regrets.Do you know that 1 in 10 parents wish they could rename their babies?So careful if you're pondering for a name for your little one.

I was so close to fall into the group.Let me tell you a secret,i love the name Mikael ever since i came across it,and that was years before i got pregnant.I was so determine to name our first baby boy "Mikael" ever since hubby told me that his friend by the same name-Michael(Germans pronoun it as Mi-kha-el) was going to join him for a projectwork in Copenhagen.So when we knew i was carrying a boy,i suggested the name to hubby and he loved it too.We agreed that Mikael was our first reference.Since kitorang dah tak balik Malaysia for more than 1 year masa tue,little that we knew Mikael was creeping up the popular name chart.

Hmm i was not really fancy about that as i was afraid it would become trendy and my boy could end up one in ten in his class;
Cikgu:Which Mikael?Ada seploh Mikael ni.
Then he will answer: Saya Mikael Bin M Harith cikgu!

owh tidakkkk!teringat mak ngah hubby (a kindy teacher in Jerantut,Pahang) cerita,ade a few Daniel/Danish and even Daniel Danish in her class,so ade yg dipanggil Daniel kurus!

So we looked up for other name.Our baby naming rule is really quite simple;
1)It must has a good if not special meaning so the admirable qualities shall be pass to him insyaAllah:)
2)It has to be less common,does not necessarily unique.
3)It is a short and single name ,easy to spell and pronounce.No middle name.
We want the baby to be called by his full name.Kenapa tak nak nama panjang?Sebab mama punya nama sudah panjang,kalau nak travel,swipe passport sure tak lepas,officer kene key in,kalau time exam jenuh nak isi.Nevertheless, i love my name.Pernah jumpa another WAN SALMIZAINI?tak dak kan?Kat Intel dulu org panggil WAN,kat university/high school/kawan2 panggil AMI,cikgu sekolah menengah panggil ZAINI ;p

Anyway,those babies with middle names,if their first names end up being too common, they have the option of using one of their others.But since we prefer none,Mikael was crossed out from the list.
Hubby then picked Muhriz (not MuKhriz).Muhriz means a winner,an earner.And i instantly fell in love with it.He is growing fine with it.Truth be told,i can't imagine Muhriz with any other name hik hik

But again,if you do decide to stick with a popular name,it's your choice.Peace ^ ^


yun said...

salam ami,
dulu i pernah tnye muhriz dah jln belum sbb nk compare ngn my aqeef..since umur dorg dekat2 kan? my baby pun dah jln..tulah dorg nyer development lain2 kan...:)
ha...first thing bile i bc ur title 'baby names' i terus oh, ami peknen lg kot....tgh nak cr name tuk new bile bc cerita pasal cr name tuk muhriz dulu...mmg betul pun nanti name zara pun sure ramai dlm kelas kan?...
p/s: eh, ke mmg betul u peknen...hehehe....

Ami said...

wsalam yun
aah both lahir bulan 8 kan?mmg pon,muhriz ckp belum tapi nakk,birdd tue boleh i'm not too wory about it now.
aqeef nye bday cake cantek sgt :)
hihi takde lah yun.not yet.2nd one maybe lmbt sket,plannye biar budak muhriz besar sikit dulu.hari tue c-sect so ikut nasihat dr,at least baby 2 thn baru pregnant balik ;p aqeef nak jadi abg long ke?hehe

yun said...

oppsss!!!belum lg...nk tgu aqeef besar gak..nanti dia leh tlg jaga adik dia..hehehe....ok...marilah kite same2 melayan budak bujang ni kan....lgpun tuk bf mom mmg elok bf baby sampai 2 thn kite dah cmpur ngn fm la ami...sbb bz kt ofis..tu yg usha fs tup2 jumpe ur blog...hehehee...nanti leh consider tuk next baby....:)

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