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harith ami & muhriz

Thanks Lindah for the award!
Vielen Dank!

I'll be on hiatus until the 13th of May.8 papers all together,so i need all the luck in the world.
Cant wait for the exam to over!Hubby,kak long and 3rd sister are coming.
My Notts friends pon coming,semua org dtg,rase disayangi hihi.

Till then,cheers all!


the great walid said...

thank..thank..thank youuuuuuuu ami kerana sudi jadi sahabat virtual ku...hehehehehehe..all the best for all papers..buat betul2..jangan lupa solat hajat yer :D..dapatkan 4 flat semua paper

Lindah: Kamal: Nuha said...

isk ami tersilap daaaaaa...terguna hubby punyer blog..actually its me Lindah

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

good luck bebeh! ;)

Anonymous said...

all the best ami!


Aida Narina said...

Ami all the best with your exams!! :)

Weather sgt cantik kan now? I jogged 3 times this week and cldn't wait to do it again next week. Take care ami :)

Ami said...

lindah,verde,aida: thanks guys!!

aida: thanks aida!yerp,extremely beautiful weather kan!!i dah 4 days tak jog nie,tape2 lepas exam i will jog every day kehkeh.

Anonymous said...

mcm mana u kenal Lindah ni???
Actually i tak kenal Lindah - but i know her hubby.bcos i used to stay at his place in the morning b4 i go to school for afternoon session and her mum actually taking care of my younger sisters and we were in the same secondry school.dah lama tak p melawat his mum - i hope she still at Skudai, JB.Balik JB nanti boleh la nk p ziarah!


Ami said...

aida,lindah is one of my blogger friends,bump into her blog through bloghopping!owh yer ker,small world yer.go and ping her hiks,ade baby Nuha yg masyaAllah cute teramat :)

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