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harith ami & muhriz

Salam All,
Spring is finally here!
The temperature has been constantly above 15Celcius since the last 2 days,best sgt!!
Hubby pon bawak la the wifey keluar-pegi pasar,beli groceries,lepak kat park mkn ice cream!hahaha

potted herbs,i wantt!
cantik kan?

On another note,i received an email from my supervisor,asking me the progress of project :(
Sakit perut bila pikir,dgn exam lagi huuuu takotttttt.Tapi i freak out for 5 mins jer:pThanks to M*RA!My flight ticket reimbursement dah clear!Mind you,i bought the ticket(KL-London by MAS)2 days before departure okie :DSo that one-way ticket is even more expensive than a retu
rn ticket,kalau tak approve tatau la,mmg tak tido mlm:p Tapi my allowance for this month is still pending,hopefully they will clear out next week.Then boleh settlekan all the Paris train tix,hotel booking insyaAllah.We're heading to Paris this June,along with my 2 sisters.Hmm i heard quite a lot of bad review about Paris,especially from my European-celup friends.So i suggested Barcelona and Rome instead.Tapi tak diapproved,so Paris it is!

Orait gtg,hubby will be back in an hour,kene prepare lunch.
Take care!


Aida Narina said...

Amii :)
I got rashes all over my body the last time i was in Paris. I rasa the cleanliness je kot kureng sikit, tapi sceneries sgt la cantek. Love all the pictures taken when we were there.

p/s: ami re-imburst tiket utk ape eyh. Btw, take care darling!

Ami said...

Aida,yerp that's it!my friends yg pegi semua ckp paris kotor,ade tikus lintas jalan?what?haha.
anyway,i bought my own ticket mase 1st time dtg hari tue,since mara was to busy to handle(most of the staff dah cuti raya huhu).

Anonymous said...

Nk ikut p paghris juggoookkkk! :P

i still havent decided nk pegi makan kat mana.maybe i'll try that suri yothai tu kot if they all ni ok with thai food.hehehee.
thanks for the recommendation, Ami!


Ami said...

puan coffee,forgot to tell you,suri yothai ok,tapi parking die sket la plak :p.

Liasari said...

paris... the city where rat-a-tuoile lives! heyyy stil u got to enjoy the scenery and i got to take a peek thorugh ur lens. huwaaa nak pergi dlm mimpi jelah...
happy jalan2 ami

redrania said...

amii..happy travelling..hehe..lagi best kalo free kann..kekeke..take care

Ami said...

Lia,insyaAllah.Definitely will share the scenery later though my gadget is just a decent one.

azie,anything free mmg best!Tapi akak2 sponsor tix+hotel jer hukhuk.

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