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harith ami & muhriz

1.Departed from London St Pancras Station by Eurostar @752am.The journey to Gare Du Nord was about 2.5hrs.2.Checked in,solat and rehat.Went out an hour later to Le Louvre,home of Mona Lisa.Surprisingly there was no queue at all,maybe dah ptg kot. Paid 9 Euro for a 10 seconds glimpse

3.Kebab for lunch @one of the halal cafe 2 blocks away from the Louvre.Garmin did help,thanks.
3.Next in the list was Arc de Triomphe tapi tersesat!!hahahaha.We passed by Pampidou Center(Modern Art) and Hotel de Ville and saw a huge screen on the esplanade for the Roland Garros French Open,hubby pon sempat layan kejap.Then we walked over the Seine to the Notre Dame: Only one man can save Esmeralda-Quasimodo :p
5.Arc de Triomphe:What amazed us was the traffic,not the arc haha.12 exits without a single traffic light?I bet it's the toughest(and prettiest) roundabout!6.Eiffel Tower: The queue was reasonable,maybe sebab dah ptg.Believe me,you would want to avoid morning queue,semua org mau pegi pagi!okie,nanti sambung ;)


Anonymous said...

Aaaaahhhh... bestnya paghisssss!!!

Cepat smbg Part II ok. cerita vacation kat damai laut haritu pun tak sambung part II lagi ni.hehee


CiKaYu said...

an evening in pagheeeeeeeee....

Sagittarius Wifey said...

hi Ami,
I bkog-hopped from pn coffeeaddicts's blog hehe..we r goin to Paris as well any personal tips? cant wait 4 ur part 2 btw. U pg Versailles x?

salam kenal :)


Sagittarius Wifey said...

*blog hehe..bkog plak ;p

Aida Narina said...

ami bestnya! :)
i teringat the time i masuk the Louvre. tak silap i first sunday of the month free masuk museum tu. Since i pegi Nice, France dulu and ketagih crepes, so smpi Paris i makan crepes 5 kali sampaikan dah tak larat nak lunch or dinner :p

Ami said...

aida: baiklah,you pon sambungla cite pangkor tue:p

ayu: ha ah ;)

sue: hi there Sue,thanks for dropping by!Versailles tak pegi as we had enough of palace sightseeing.personal tips?nanti i share some in the next post k!

aida: yerp,entrance is FOC on the first sunday of the month,tapi kitorang pegi last sunday pulak:p i tak beli pon crepes,but my sis did!i prefer yg home-cook by chef hubby lagi beli sampai 5 kali?fuyooo mmg addicted neh :p

Anonymous said...

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