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harith ami & muhriz

Assalamuaikum all,

I'm in the malas mode,so i'll let the pictures do the talking.

Went to Madame Tussaud and London Eye with hubby and sisters on Saturday.
Queued for almost an hour to get in, as expected lah.

Saya sudah tanned but i like it. i just love the heat!

Ok,back to the previous post.
True lah it was Lindsay Lohan,i googled up and found this from dailymail

Arriving at St Pancras from Paris yesterday, Lindsay was loaded down with eight suitcases and holdalls from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Chloe.
Luckily for Lindsay, 22, she didn't have to carry her own bags, with a porter taking charge as she boarded the train in Paris.She appeared to have put her time on the train to good use - changing outfits from a casual denim affair into a chic silk blouse and black trousers.She also updated her Twitter page with photos of her on the Eurostar.After finishing her photo shoot shortly before midnight, a shattered Lindsay wrote on her Twitter: 'Photo shoots are fun @ night until you realise how jet lagged you are.'Lindsay spent a few days in Paris at the Plaza Athénée Hotel with a friend over the weekend before moving on to the UK.

Okla,so what if i boarded the same train with Lindsay Lohan kan?
If she sat next to me then that will be a totally different story.Boleh la tanye,what's with DJ Sam,LiLo?oitt berangan hehe.But seriously you should see her carts- overloaded with designer luggage and shopping bags!!I also want oneeee!

Orait gtg,i'm heading to Oxford and Bicester Village tomorrow.
Anyway,anyone knows how to reset the child lock on a front loader washer?
Serious tension tak jumpa manual,google pon tade=(


reena said...

Hehe.At least dpt tgk dia live dpn mata.

Pi Bicester Village eh? Jgn lupa tunjuk shopping apa kt sana.Hehe.

zailamohamad said...

serious banyak makcik Lohan tu shopping ya..btw, akak dengar die lesbian..betoi ka??hihihi very in the busybodylah;p

Lindah: Kamal: Nuha said...

wah itu namanyer rezeki datang bergolek...nampakpun oklah kan..kang duk sebelah terkeluh lidah...hehehhehehehe..wah bestnyer jalan2..update lah nanti yer.. :D

Nadia Dzai said...

Lindsay without Samantha? pelik/ eheh. Sgt suka kasut lindsay ituuu :D

Ami said...

reena: betul jugak kan.hee i just got a bag sekolah from DKNY,pastu jadi tukang bawak shopping bag kakak2.

zaila: ami rase betul la tue :p

lindah: lindah,tak dpt lah sebelah die,she's in business coach huhu

nadia: rasenye she's not longer with DJ Sam,rasenye la :p

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