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harith ami & muhriz

The Oktoberfest has just started.Obviously i do not care about the beers and all the Bavarian fares but the souvenirs are unique and eye catching.Drindl dress is surely charming tapi i have something better to spend on for Euro100.Beer mug is not cheap either.Another typical but way cheaper treat sold during this festival is the LebkuchenHerz,which people buy for their love ones,so i asked hubs to get me one hihi. The Dindl dress and beautifully decorated Lebkuechenherz-images from google.

In DE,t
hese cookies are offered year round and comes in many shapes.I remember bringing back these Lebkuechen to my family but none of them like it except my ayah kot hahaha. Eh i tak bawak balik yg heart shape nie.The ones baked for Christmas are not this fancy,simple je.The taste resembles gingerbread.I think it's too pretty to be eaten,so i just hang it on the wall.Typical statement on the cookies says i love you or something similar,mine means "For my sweetheart" :p It comes with ribbon so that the happy recipient(including ME!) can wear it around the neck,funny eh?

****happy ME**

Ok,food of the day plak,baked creamy pasta for lunch and nasi ayam for dinner.Inspired by Nasi Ayam Pak Mal section 11(ke 9?),sambal halia+kicap i campur sekali,jimat pinggan!


iswatie "colours of life" said...

bulan oct eh br ada benda tuh? kalu sblm raya hr tuh harus order...boleh gi beraya gantung kat leher.kalah pendant dr Habib Jewel weihhhh

Anonymous said...

i bet nnti u dah boleh jadi tukang masak pro! heheee... share some recipe will ya?

eh, jgn lupe kasi ur account info... k.


CiKaYu said...

nanti balik kelate buka restoran lah..

miamor said...

nasi ayam pak mal!hehe..sedap kan..kat seksyen 11 shah alam :) slalu lunch kat ctu.sedap n cepat!hehe..

Ami said...

watie: hahaha betul tue watie,mintak 10 dgn hubby pon diorang kasi kan?

aida: ala masak bende biasa je aida,i rase ramai lagi main masak2 lagi best,tapi takde masa nak cerita.i bkn ade keje ape pon kat rumah nie kan,amik gambar satu food setengah jam pon boleh!ok2,insyaAllah.

ayu: huhu kene lepas QA dulu ayu.

angah: aah sedap kan?mmg favorite kitorang jugak tue angah.

Sagittarius Wifey said...

wah comey nye biskut tuh..i'll b coming to munchen this weekend, bleh la merasa tgk octoberfest ;)

Ami said...

sue: dont forget to get one of these cookies ye ehehe

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