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harith ami & muhriz

We have safely arrived in DE semlm.sempat berCOSTA @ Heathrow Terminal 1 with friends who came to send us off semlm.I'll be missing COSTA coffee and Pret's sandwiches and Ben's cookies and a whole lot of things there,hopefully murah rezeki kami dtg lagi.Tapiii to live there and to go just for cuti2 adalah tak sama,totally different feel!Tapi Hubs rimas naik train semput and dumping everything into a single bin kat London,tak umweltfreundlich langsung kata die:p Over here,everything is separated and recycled,even the milk cartons.When we boarded the express train from Marylebone to Uxbridge,hubs ckp "u call this an express rail?" gigit kang mohammad harith neh.

Last few shots in London.Time does fly,1 year rase kejap jer.

Depan my sekolah yg kecik, sandwiches by the Royal Albert Hall and the National Science Museum.
Gambaq pon kene amik tepi jalan huhu
in the tube,on the way to the airport semlm

My travel card!A friend gave an idea to swipe oyster sebab konon2 ingatkan Touch&Go kat Msia nanti.poyo sehhh huhu.Costa no more =(
and no,not Starbucks pleasee
So, i have just enrolled into this new course: Domestic Engineering kehkeh.This is not my first time,i stayed home for a few months before the MSc started last October.But...i believe my syllabus is better kali nie,hopefully semua jalan.Last year keje saya was tido and makan aka housewife yg terlebih lemak ;p.This time,hopefully hubs gets to eat more decent food,rumah makin kurang habuk and baju berlipat instead of hanging jer dlm closet(did i mention i hate folding clothes?;p)Hihi see,i'm no domestic goddess,but it's never too late to try to be one kan?

Eh ok2,gtg.
Daily blogging is limited to just an hour.It's almost noon.luggage semlm tak kemaskan lagi,potong 10 marks!


zailamohamad said...

Akak suka jadik surirumah BUT..without the kids..hahahahaha..serious fening kalu diorang ada;p jahat tol mummy Haziq & Husna ni;)
tapi kalo one day off boleh r..tapi kalo hari2..naik bosan juga ya..

Sagittarius Wifey said...

wah, dah habis. all the best menjadi surirumah berjaya ;)

Ami said...

k.ila: hehh staying @home alone amat mati kutu kak!

sue: thanks2 hihi =)

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