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harith ami & muhriz

Is it still consider cool to smoke these days?I think it's NOT!!and gosh,it stinks badly!
And as been mentioned for the gazillion number of times,those who smoke definitely jeopardizing their health.Watch out this video!


Nadia Dzai said...

right! price pon dah increase recently. hah baik la duit tu simpan dalam tabung ;p ;p i can't stand the smell sebenarnye, tak boleh dekat langsung dgn smokers. :D nasib baik laa cik abg tak smoke.

Aida Narina said...

huhuu,Ami...even if i've showed the video to Alan, he wouldn't care. That's how he resists the truth. But, he made a promise to slowly quit smoking before we get married which i can see the progress now. Hopefully bukan manis dimulut sahaja ;p

Ami said...

nadia: betul2,i cant stand either,pening bau asap fuhhh,bernasib baik jugak :)

aida: yeah,rasenya smokers are always in denial,they know the consequences,but once diorang start,susah nak resist tapi with determination and supports especially from love ones pasti boleh punya,good luck to alan :)

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