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harith ami & muhriz

Yeayyy it's friday!Housewife pon tunggu weekend tauu ;p
I baked another cake semlm,choc moist.still tak deco ape2 sebab tak pandai plus hubby nak bawak bekal,so comot jugak kan masuk tupperware,cehh alasan. Next week ingat nak try apple+lemon cake,ok ke? Ayam masak lemak tue for dinner,MIL's recipe kene letak sedikit kerisik and hubby likes it that way,ikut saja lah. Ryanair was having 3 days promotion,so we got ourselves return tickets to as-the-title-says.The thing is,tak sure pon lagi boleh pegi ke tidak,since hubby's schedule is quite unpredictable.But I really really hope we can make it this time.Hari tue dah burn ticket to Glasgow.I sooo want to visit this city!There is a lot more to Barcelona than just Gaudi's masterpiece and other interesting architectures.It's getting colder towards end of the year so a quick escape to a warmer land is something to look for,even if it's just for a few days.So i hope the Spain's weather in December is what we expected,15 Celsius is definitely much better than 0 C and gray hued sky of Bavaria hoho.Those who have been to this city,care to share your tips?;)
Haa sapa tgk Meteor Garden


Precious Moments said...

Not sure If you saw my first comment a week or two ago, but anyway, the cake looks great! Take lots of pictures on your trip, and have a great time!

Ami said...

Hi sarah,
Sorry that i missed out your first note!
Thanks!I'm relatively a beginner so i'm glad enough the cake did not come out of the oven looking like a flying saucer ;p.The trip is not until December 5th but sure,I am more than happy to share the photos later!

Liasari said...

apple-lemon cake hmm buat i drool je lah ami. these days jarang dpt curi ms buat kek, bz packing things nak move out ni kan.

btw, nnti tempek pic bebyk okeh. i suka sgt tgk historical buildings and architectural from one country to another.

miamor said...

nak buat topping choc moist tu ami, caranya very simple ;) just campurkan serbuk koko dgn susu pekat manis.kacau smpai die jadi likat and adjust susu tu kalo xnak manis sgt..hehe..thats all.nak cntik lagi, tabur colorful choc rice =)

Nadia Dzai said...

Amiiiiiiiiiiii!! ahaha lucky i read ur blog, baru la tau Ryanair ade promotion. :p u shud go Barca! pergi2 (I pon teringin ;p). .tapi aritue pon, i burn Brussel ticket juge :p aih susah la kene early book kan :D

zailamohamad said...

sungguh mak jeles ngan tahap penguasaan Ami memasak..hebat sungguh!!

Ami said...

Lia: macam ok eh?tunggu brownies habis,nak try lah.insyaAllah,kalau jadi pegi Lia hehe.

angah: ok thanks angah!yg ami buat camni,lebih kurang jer kan,cocoa powder+fresh milk+warm water+ castor sugar.

nadia: ha tue la,kitorang dah byk sebenarnya burn ticket ryanair,mase tgh ulang alik London-Muenchen,beli je byk2 sebab sometimes dpt GBP1 je.Nanti kan nadia,get a visa electron(online je),payment fee die free,lagi murah huhu.

K.Ila: Byk lagi kene belajar ni k.ila,kalu perasan kan,ami asik repeat menu sama kehkeh ;p

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