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harith ami & muhriz

Breastfeeding is beautiful and i've spent this 2 years of motherhood focusing on being the source of milk for Muhriz.Once you're into it,you might become so passionate about it that you will feel it completes you as a mother.I love nursing my baby but let me tell ya the truth,mmg ada part yg annoying.
I was reading an article on babycenter about this,and the writer had exactly what on my mind!especially on these 2
1. That feeling of itchy fullness when you’ve been away from your baby.
I've never been away from Muhriz,tak pernah.Pegi saloon pon angkut sekali.Breasts work on supply vs demand basis,so kalau baby Muhriz tido lamaaa without waking up to nurse,there goes my tanks jadi macam bomb nak meletup!So i have to wake him up,no other choice since i dah stop pump.At home ok lagi lah,tapi kalau masa outing?Basah baju huhu.

2. Once your baby gets a little older and more mobile, they like to view their world with a nipple between their teeth. Macam nie!
Aaa betul sgt!Muhriz dlm sejam mesti minta nenen.So imagine,mulut ada nenen,pusing kiri kanan nak tgk  tv,kaki tendang toys.He just loves to abuse my nipples by jerking right,left,down,up sambil nenen.recently,mulut ada nenen,tapi die nak bercakap ok,sakittt.

Hahaha tapi still,i love every part of it.Especially the sight of a sleeping Muhriz by my breasts.And the bond is a blessing though at times i wish his dada boleh replace kejap mama nak gi spa.Sgt syukur supply is abundant.Kalau Allah izinkan next ones pon nak bagi susu mama juga!


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