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harith ami & muhriz

Semlm terbangun agak lambat,tapi macam biasa,kene prepare breakfast for hubby juga.So saya busy di dapur sementara hubby bersiap.Tapi lama sgt die tak keluar2 bilik lagi,so saya pon intai lah,lorr tgh tgk Muhriz tido rupanya hehe.Hubby mmg macam tue.Regardless how late he is,he will still spend few mins watching Muhriz yg masih di lalaland.Saat itu saya rasa mahu beranak sorang dua lagi hahaha.Takde lah,it's just that the view is so heart-warming.Me too love watching him sleeping,dah die bgn lambat pagi2 lagi lah berjam mama tenung tido sekaliWhen my baby has a good sleep,it is a reward.It is a sign that he just had a full and fun day,he was well fed and healthy and he felt safe and comfortable.It's a sign of job well done and that kept me smiling.And i am glad that i was there by his side all day long to witness and care for him.

When he is awake,he is full of activity and attitude.He climbs,jumps,runs,throws,kicks,cries,screams.Basically never tired of running amuck the house.Wonder where does the energy comes from.And i get mad at times and hope his bedtime nears.But when he really sleeps the whole house turns so quiet.How long has it been?5mins baru?Gosh i've started to miss him,bgn cepat baby Muhriz.Relieve the day has ended yet can't wait for the morning.Weird but motherhood is strange like that,kan?


mamaJong said...

Yup...perasaan ibu yg penuh emosi yg mngandungi 1001 mcm..
Tp mmg suke gak tgok ank2 tdo..^_^

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