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harith ami & muhriz

Aaaa lama tak tulis si kecik nye milestone.Alhamdulillah,soon he's turning 21 month!Owhh cepatnya.Everyday hubby and i akan ckp,dah besar dah Muhriz nie hihi.Dan saya bersyukur still a stay at home mama,glad to raise him at home,sendiri jaga,sendiri mandikan,feed,dress him,play with him,just be there for him.The other day,saya tanye hubby "Abg,ok ke saya tak kerja kerja nie?" Hubby ckp kalau saya kerja mesti macam nie pesan kat babysitter muhriz "Bagi breastmilk+air masak je,no formula,no ribena,food yg saya masak je,
no disposable diapers,no tv before lunch,no this no that" hahahaha mama kan biasalah,kepoh.

Ok,on Muhriz.
-He is still very affectionate.Manja sgt.Hubby ckp anak mama hihi.He just loves to sit on our lap,every now and then come and hug and kiss me or his dada.Mmg suka attention.Kalau org tak layan,akan tarik tangan,ajak mask bilik dan guling2 because he knows he will get our attention by doing that.Masih tak berapa suka main sorang sorang.
-Reads at least 5-10 books perday,yes i do count and we make it a habit to read the books with him.Everytime he wants to read something,he'll pick up the book then sits on our laps.
-He loves Bonnie the rabbit.He often tries to feed him,pet him.of course lah there're also attempts utk menjadikan bonnie itu satay arnad but overall i'm glad he has started to show emphathy towards animal
- makin suka copy us: talking on the phone,driving,cooking and help around;nak tolong mop,lipat kain,masak.Though at times it will slow me down,tapi layan je,it's worth the time to let him playing safely with me rather than tercongak tgk cartoon depan tv
-starts to pick up and shows more emotion.Kalau ckp No or Don't tak terus menangis,tapi tutup muka dgn tangan pastu baru mama dgn baba nak marah pon tak jadi
-Kalau pop/wee wee akan ckp busyuk then tutup hidung then tarik tangan gi toilet
-Understands simple direction macam "Muhriz,please close the door for me" "Please pick up your teddy bears and put them back into the basket"
-Says heppp(help) or pisss(please) if he needs help
-clap kalau achieve something.Macam wee wee in the toilet pon boleh clap hehe
-can point out things he knows from the books/tv/laptop.The other day we turned onto National Geographic,tgk2 ada pasal contsruction sites with lots of trucks(dumper,digger etc)and guess what?He hooked on it for the whole 1 hour hahh bising mulut asik point to truck then ckp wooooowwwwww
-kalau dgr azan ckp shhhhhhh pastu tadah tangan bace doa.Nampak masjid pon tadah tangan bace doa "maa maa maaa(bismillah hirrahMaa Nirahim)"
-kalau hujan wajib nyanyi rain rain go away
-I've made a list of his vocabs and there's about 40 words yg we can clearly understand.New vocabs
  -Ee phant(elephant)
  -Eee pane(aero plane)
  -Bit bit(rabbit)
  -he knows ears,eye,mouth,nose,feet tapi tak boleh ckp eyes je hehe
  -Shusu(susu mama ler)
  -et go(Let's go!)
  -ee pal(apple)
Sayang muhriz,muaah!


Nurul Diana@Mama Adam + Aidil said...

comei part bit bit = rabbit ;-)

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