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harith ami & muhriz

Muhriz loves trucks.Like super loves them.And diggers,which he calls Ca-cok" are his utmost fav.Everytime he sees one,he'll go "Cacok.....WoWWWW!!"That Woww effect is sometimes hilarious to us,tapi layankan je lah hehe.Entah lah mana dtg minat die dgn truck nie,maybe because it's big and strong.Kete2 nie
die tak layan sgt.His first truck was just an RM10 cap ayam dumper,sekali baling pecah,since then it was abandoned.Then hubby bought him another dumper to replace,it's a CAT.Sekarang dah beranak jadi 3,dan maybe beranak lagi pasni.So i have to carry  these trucks ke mana2 sebab tue mama perlu bag gajah!


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