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harith ami & muhriz

When it comes to playing in the snow,everyone loves it!Creating snow angels and snow mans and having snow fights with friends are sure lots of fun but the freezing temperature is not.I can still tolerate -5 Celcius but definitely not -15C(day time ya).When it gets to this cold,i just want to stay home,hide under the duvet and watch TV!Believe me,traveling is the last thing i want to do.Tambah pula susah nak solat,zohor is @12pm,asar @2pm,maghrib @4pm and ishak @6pm!Mana boleh jamak 4 waktu huhu.But when you have guests coming all away from Malaysia,you can't just ask them to stay in and play cards with you ;p.
As planned,we brought them to Salzburg and Schloss Neuschwanstein.I'd warned them before hand on the chilling wave the weather forecast was predicting.My darling friend seemed to struggle with the super low temperature the moment she stepped at the Muenchen Hauptbahnhof.Well,who does not?The chill can even sneak up the locals.
But hey,you can still travel during this season and enjoy the snow,just make sure you prepare ahead to protect yourself from the cold.Get a bubble jacket like mine!hahaha it's so comfortable albeit hideous and bulky.Winter offers the chance to see the places in a whole different set but with dimmer light.And hotels are generally cheaper as winter months are the off-season.But if you're not ready to shiver your bones,scrap out Deutschland from your list.The less chilly countries like Greece,Portugal,Spain and Italy(southern) might be the better options.Stepping away from the comforts of our own place is always a good adventure but do not overkill yourself.I should thank to the Indiana's extreme winter,which was (and still)even worse than this,there was this one time when the temperature dropped to -20 C,brrrr.In a way,it prepared me to this condition,hmm I wonder how did i survive the big freeze during those years huhu dah la kurus kering ;p. Despite the chill,a walk through the snow is always magical and a snow scape is always beautiful, a charm of its own.

Our third visit to the castle.I'm glad everyone had fun hiking up the hill and throwing snowballs!!

p/s: Summer is always a better season to travel.


angahrahafza said...

bole si harith ni x pakai glove?kebal btol die?hehe..x freezing ke tgn die?

Ami said...

angah: si harith kan tak bleh dok diam,die lompat sane sini pastu die panas,jacket bukak,snowcap bukak.tak kebal angah,tapi gloves mmg die tak suke pakai.

Precious Moments said...

I love the way things look in the winter, all covered in snow. So pure and clean, and quiet! I hate the cold, but winter is my favorite season!

Ami said...

Me too!I love it when the snow is fresh and untouched.But it's totally a different story when the snow starts to melt,especially on the roadside.

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