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harith ami & muhriz

1 more day to Barca hihi.It's going to be a very short trip,but i couldnot ask for more,hubby ade paper to submit before the christmas break,so this is good enough.So let see...

Boarding pass-printed
Hotel-confirmed,booking slip-printed
trip itinerary-ready
airport transfer-checked
public transport-metro map studied and printed
GPS and halal directory-ready
City map-still waiting for the guide(from UK),mane nih
weather forecast-checked
waktu solat,kiblat,mosque-checked
english-spain-catalan dictionary-ready
ipod-charged and synced

so tinggal nak pack jer.Since we are staying and traveling in EU,currency is not a problem.Hopefully spain nie murah la sket dari DE nie huhu.Our friends keep reminding us to safeguard our personal belongings as pick pocketing and bag snatching is a real problem in Barca.Read about a friend's experience on losing her bag in McDonalds.She put the bag down at her feet,only to learn it was gone few minutes later.So hubby got himself a neck pouch to be
worn under his shirt.Hopefully we're going to have a safe trip.I will come back in a few days with loads of photos ok,tschuss,schoenes Wochenende!


che'puan Idot said...

ami darl,

serious i tak sempat nak upload la entry spain..
lappy lama diserang semua gambar disitu..
anyway, enjoy your vacay!!!
la rambla jgn lupa..yang gaudi architecture lagilah kan!
sempat lagikan study2 sikit pasal barca dalam internet?
am so sorry dearrrr

zailamohamad said...

Have a safe journey dear..amik gambar banyak2 ya;)

Anonymous said...

have fun,ami~!
may u both having a safe trip there.


Ayu said...

Ami, harap korang berdua enjoy Barcelona! Last winter hol Ayu & Indah gi sana jugak, we love the place!! Sangat lively! Jangan lupa rembat ZARA banyak2. Sana price kurang sket brbanding other European countries. Hehe..

Ami said...

idot: dont worry idot!hari tue dah study online,travel guide.gaudi`s work is unique and awesome kan?

k.ila &aida: danke!

ayu: alaa ayu dropped comment on sat,ami dah gerak and kat sana mmg tak bukak blog pon!rugi2.tapi since pegi 3 days(actually 2.5 days jer kot),mmg tak sempat langsung masuk kedai except maregmanum floating mall tue.

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