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harith ami & muhriz

Alhamdulillah,Barcelona trip was awesome!Excellent weather,wonderful architectures,the whole atmosphere was just special and we had a blast! We left for Memmingen airport on Saturday morning and the local temperature was below 0!Duhh tak pasal2 kene pakai bubble jacket.Anyway the 1.5 hours flight journey was smooth and the view while crossing the Alps was breathtaking,i will share the photo later.Hubby forced me to put up his GPS photos nie,ntah ape-ape abg nie,800km/hr,go figure!

Arrived Girona airport at 230pm.I was surprised to see the number of flights traveling to Girona,almost dari semua ryanair destinations.But there's only one coach service going to Barcelona,so you will not miss it.Girona is 1.5 hours bus ride from the center of Barcelona,pretty much as far as Memmingen to Augsburg.The metro station(L1:Arc de Triomf) is in close vicinity to the coach terminal so that helped .Barcelona is divided into several districts and our hotel is in Gracia,3 stops away from the main hub,Catalunya.I'm glad that we're pretty much organized and orientated this time,byk benda i sempat survey before going,including which metro tickets to purchase.Those visiting this city,pay particular attention at the metro stations as they are hot spots for pickpockets.The thieves will be watching where you put your purse after you have paid your tickets so "looking lost" leaves you as an easy-victim.We had witnessed an incident at one of the stations,i'll talk about it later too.

Since maghrib dah awal,515pm,lepas maghrib baru keluar.First stop was the Camp Nou,the home of FC Barcelona and is claimed as the largest stadium in Europe.Hubby is a football nut and crazy about Liverpool that he refuses to visit any other stadium besides Liverpool's( kat London dulu,stamford's bridge yg less than 1 mile from my place pon die tanak pegi).Tapi he's into Barca and Rome club too,so die nak tgk Camp Nou,but i did not expect he was interested to tour the stadium so i did not care about the stadium opening hour hahaha.I'm always the travel manager;preparing itineraries,schedules,to-dos and of course lah packing.But he couldnot blame me for missing this one as he just said"make sure kite pegi Camp Nou" ;p
So sampai-sampai tgk dah tutup,tgkla
muka hubby hahaha. But i assured him that there must be club stores at the city center that we could drop by. Kalau pasal football,donot play-play with him ok hahaha,takooottt.
After Camp Nou,we headed to Placa de Espanya to see the Font Magica,a spectacular display of light,music and water acrobatics.

The water games ended our first day.


Liyana said...

My landlady flies to Barcelona from time to time for her collaboration work. She loves the city. Makes it as her 2nd home now.

zailamohamad said...

Ami, bestnyoo..jeles sungguh kak ila pasal xdapat laki hok pandai belajar sampai ke obersea;P

Nadia Dzai said...

Camp Nou, a must place to visit! ;p if for me and Azli la, macam nak pergi Madrid ni pon, dah check if Madrid ada home game at Santiago Bernabeu. orang kaki bola ni lain sikit Ami, itu a must place to visit. ;p

Aida Narina said...

hello from soton. hope ami had a great day in barca! btw, i have never been there, pernah pergi the other side of spain je ami (Granada, Cordoba, Seville). btw, hope to hear more from you. take care sweetie! :)

Drama Mama said...

wow looks like u had great time! enjoy urself ya :-)

Ami said...

nana: i would love to return to this city too!sukee

k.ila: eh dok baik royak gitu kak,ado rezeki tue nati.alaa,dok abroad ado gok down parts dio.ami benarnya msia byk lagi dok jale,langkawi pon tok rajing sapa hahaha.

nodie: i dah check kot2 ade home game hari tue,tapi lupe nak check opening hours hahaha,langkah kiri they said.

aida: thanks aida!you went to andalucia kan?i nak pegi jugak,hopefully ade rezeki boleh ke spain lagi,definitely pasni to andalucia pulak.

baizurah: ha ah,best!plus dah lame tak cuti2 huhu

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