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harith ami & muhriz

My darling husband turned 26 on Wednesday(16.12)!!

God gives me the gift of love and it's you,hubby!
Happy Birthday abg,may all your wishes come true.

p/s: i have so many things to write here(Barcelona day 3,our friends visit,hubby's birthday celebration) but a housewife can be very busy too.Till later,enjoy the long weekend guys!


zailamohamad said...

owh, happy belated birthday buat hubby Ami, jaga Ami elok2 ya..hahahhaha

Lindah: Kamal: Nuha said...

happy birthday kat abangnyer..lama tak singgah sini...

Aida Narina said...

happy belated birthday to ur hubby ami. any candle light dinner or just a simple dish/takeaway? ami pandai masak, mesti la cik abang sayang. btw, january ni i join the 25th yo club pula. sobsob..

The Queen Bee said...

wah mude lg!! hehe i lg mude.. :P

Ami said...

k.ila,lindah: thanks!hehe ami plak tukang jawab,nak suh hubby comment sini sampai bile pon tak kot ;p

aida: i masak simple jer.i tiru you buat oreo cheesecake,tapi kan macam lmbt nak keras,kenapa ntah.

hanis: hahaha 26 dah tuoo

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