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harith ami & muhriz

Salam Maal Hijrah to all of you,
This is my final post on our recent trip to Barcelona.
Right after breakfast,we made our way to the La Rambla,the main walkway in Barcelona.Everything blend together here;the locals and the tourists,souvenier sellers and pickpockets,the street performers and artists and the aroma of Catalonian delicacies and scent of flowers,walla!

It was still quite early that most of the stalls were still closed.

Tapas Bar

First stop was the Mercat De La Boqueria,the busiest food market in the city.
I love going to the market and strolling through the aisles full of fresh farm products,so i was looking forward for this one!Just look at these fruits,fresh juices and vegetables,so mouth watering,kan?i even asked hubs if we could bring back some vegetables from here hehe.Of course lah hubs tak kasi, kat Augsburg pon ade asparagus ;p

Fresh juices.Got ourselves Kiwi+orange juice yummmyyyy.

Wabbit anyone?
125 Euro/stuck,crazy!

To the left of La Rambla is the Barri Gothic(Gothic Quarter).This district is known for dark and narrow alleys and the medieval cathederals.Santa Mar is one of them but there was construction going on.
Right across the market is another Gaudi's building,the Palau Guell.But this one is currently closed for construction work too.Walking down towards the port,there's Placa Reial on the right.The central lamppost at this square is Gaudi's first commission in Barcelona.Then to the port again!
Monument a-Colom,to commemorate the return of Christopher Columbus from his trip to the Americas.Guess where's he pointing to?
Port Vell is even more lively during the day.Hubby and i spend quite sometimes here,enjoying the sunny weather.If you're thinking to feed the seagulls,just forget it.You don't want your jacket to be splashed with bird poo,do you?hehe ;p Hubby even took a 30 mins nap kat sini.There's Maramegnum,the floating shopping mall,but this was rather a short and packed trip that shopping did not fit in the schedule .

Maramegnum shopping complex
Came lunch time,we went to search for the this kebab restaurant listed at but to our disappointment,that lot is now a hotel!Never mind,we could do with just anything except McDonald's fillet-o-fish.Owh seriously i tak boleh mkn dah,i can't even stand the smell.I had enough of this fishy burger during my 4 years stay in the States.Hubby suggested we look for the mosque first and alhamdulillah just across the mosque tue ade halal fast food!Dinner pon beli terus huhu.

Spent the rest of the afternoon on the top of Mont Juic,the city's local hill,waiting for the sunset.The view was beyond words.
Cats!There were many of them!Geram nak angkut balik eiii
An evening in Barcelona

We left Barcelona to Girona Airport at 7am the next day.And i was thankful that we had a safe trip.But just before we boarded the coach to the airport,i witnessed how a group of pickpockets stole a phone from this German guy.Hubby and i tried to help,but there were so many of them(4 if not more),and they passed the phone around.They managed to slip away and lost in the busy crowd.Poor guy,but if he knew the reputation of the city,he should have keep his iphone out of sight and not in the trousers pocket.

Our flight was on time and we arrived Memmingen 1.5 hours later Alhamdulillah.
Italy and Spain top my jalan-jalan list now.Next trip to Spain(if there's any) will be to Andalucia.

The coast of southern France
Crossing the alps,subhanallah,cantik.


Precious Moments said...

So cool, I love how you take pix of everything!

Ami said...

thanks sarah!most of the times i'll try to reproduce the same angel as shown in the travel guides.The photos are nothing compared to the experts' but it's good enough for my standard hehe.

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