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harith ami & muhriz

Been a while since the last food entry.
We had a quiet dinner @home on hubby's birthday.Why did i say quiet?Sebab both of us were starving,lapar sgt,mkn tak berckp ok ;p Hubby ckp he's going to eat one whole chicken,guess what,he really did.Yerp,i'm married to a monster hahaha.

Honey glazed roasted chicken

Herbs and garlic focaccio bread.I love this bread!It goes really well with the soup and super easy to make too!I'll put up the recipe later.

Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Oreo cheesecake

Over the weekend,there's a potluck party with the rest of die Augsburger to celebrate December babies.Did i tell you the Augsburgers can really cook?We had ayam coke,ayam paprik,ayam rosemary,kari ikan,mee bandung,vegetarish satay,popia basah,smoked salmon bruschetta and cheese cakes.The birthday girl prepared her own mocha cheese cake and i brought along New York Cheese cake with strawberry topping.Semua sibuk makan,tade gambar food pon!;p

Since a week before raya haji,every weekend ade makan2,sukee!There's one house warming tomorrow and another makan-makan next week yeayy!


Precious Moments said...

Your broccoli cheese soup looks a lot like mine! Maybe we compare recipes?

reena said...

Rasa macam nak pengsan tengok oreo cheesecake tu :p (Before this kan, i rasa macam susah nak komen kat blog u. Tak tau la mana silap. Internet i weng ke apa. Now senang plak. Hehe ;p)

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