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harith ami & muhriz

Weekly grocery shopping is always fine,bawak ke pasar pon takpe Muhriz nie,bookstore lagi lah die suka as it is one of his fav kedai,anak mama nie kan suka bace buku.There's a lot for him to see and learn;ada fish,veggie,fruits,lembu tergantung sibuk ckp "mama,cow mooo" dan kalau pegi bookstore mmg bulat2 mata tue hehe.He always enjoy looking at the stuff on the racks,nanti die sibuk lah tunjuk apa yg die dah tau,especially fruits.But one shop he never likes to be in is the clothing store,NEVER!After 2 mins,mintak nak turun dari Buzz,lepas 5 mins habis sepahkan baju kat situ,larikkkk.So until he understands the art of comprimising,i just give in and shop baju bajan online instead.It's a win-win situation for us now.Plus everything is available online these days,click2 je.Tapi hari tue masuk jugak Cotton On haha,tapi we planned ahead and took all survival steps needed.We thought he would behave as best as he could sebab baru bgn from nap,dah makan kenyang,dan dah pegi Toys r Us,die dpt a new Cat truck.But he didnot!Tak sempat nak buat ape die dah start dah project hehe.Believe it or not,i shopped for these 3 pieces in less than 5 mins,main tarik2 then passed kat hubby la bayarkan,before jadi disaster baik keluar cepat.dah keluar baru teringat eh do the clothes fit Muhriz?haha luar kedai baru ingat nak ukur kat badan anak,punya lah kecoh.

 With his 5th CAT truck.yg nie kecik boleh masuk pocket,senang kerja mama.
Some tips on shopping with small children(even i myself pon still tidak berjaya hahaha)
-Timing is everything-feed the kids as well as yourself.And don't plan to shop around his naptime but if you have too,don't forget to bring the stroller.This is the main reason we choose a Buzz over a Zapp last time.Buzz mmg boleh fully recline so anak mmg tido baring lah.
-Bring a long snack and toys
-Get your kids to involve in shopping.Biar die amikkan fruits,let him know the names of the veggie etc and dont forget to allocate some time at his fav spot,the toys isle.
-Make the trip shorter-Make a list of stuff to buy so you don't just wander around and grab things or later have to go back to find missing items.and plan your trip before hand nak singgah mana dulu.
-Know the location of the baby's room,make sure baby dah minum susu or make sure you know his next feeding time.

Kalau ada tips lagi share ye,tenki.


zailamohamad said...

tulah, memang serabut kalau nak shopping dengan anak2..selalunya kalau betul-betul nak shopping baju diorang kenalah pergi berdua dengan suami tapi since dah tak kerja ni, redho jelah..seb baiklah haziq & husna dah besar, ashraf memang jenis duduk dalam stroller (lagi) so far..boleh handle the situation lagi..hehe

Ami said...

oghe anok soghe baru pon garu palo doh kak hahaha.bak tu sene lagi shopping online deh.tunggu aa seraf bulih hungga pahni kekeke

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