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harith ami & muhriz

Every woman has different idea and thought on childbirth method.Some are fans of drug free method and feel less accomplished if they end up with Cesarean.Me?My goal in labor is a healthy baby and me.I'd go for which ever method that is safest for us.Whoever tells you labor is pain free is clearly out of his or her mind.Labor process can be unpredictable and you can't possibly do everything you've planned before.So for me,it is best to keep your mind open and be ready for everything.Is you need an episiotomy or an emergency c-sect,just go with it if it helps to deliver the baby safely.

Natural birth is not for everyone.My 2nd pregnancy ni is considered a high risk.I donot talk much about it in this blog but the only possible way to get adik baby out is through Cesarean.I've been put on bed rest and some other procedures just to keep this pregnancy as long as possible.So natural deliver is the last thing on my mind.It's not even possible to deliver through vaginal let alone to go it free of drug.Sekarang pon dah kene cucuk macam2.So I try to avoid reading blogs or article yg promote natural birth gila2 to the point buat yg tak boleh nie rasa guilty,which I donot pon.No point to feel guilty tapi still malas nak bace ke obsession mereka.

Oklah babai blog.Baby N/M,here is me and you @28weeks.Sekarang dah 31weeks tapi sekarang perut mama kecik sikit.Last friday we've agreed to reduce the fluid around you so that there's more room for you to grow and less risky for mama to carry you around.If you can help to push your kawan baik atas sikit,that will be better sayang hehe.tu kepala abg muhriz sibuk nak join hehe.


bibi yusof said...

Ami... Take care k.. Hope everything is fine..
When its come to my life and the baby.. I wont take any risk!
C-sect ke normal ke sama je... .
Semua yg berlaku atas kehendak Allah...

zdiana said...

have been following your blog for some time now.
i agree with you.. doctor knows what they are doing...
yang penting anak n ibu sihat.. i have been experience elective czer 2 times.. take care k.. Semoga semuanya selamat..

Ami said...

thanks mommies.itu lah,if it is not advised to,kita tak akan take risk just for the sake of nak memuaskan hati sendiri kan hehe.amik epidural pon for me is not a problem if it helps you.yg penting semua(especially the baby!) selamat.

Pinkwatch said...

Setuju dgn perkara nie.. Walaupon all 4 births thru normal deliveries, still menyampah jugakmtgk org promote natural birth beria2.. 2 times i opted to natural birth.. Sekali ok (tp sakit je pon), satu kali lg ok, tp dh selesai kena pph pulak (tumpah darah) and resulted in very2 painful and menyesal x ambik ape2 drug.. Sudahnye 3rd and 4th mmg i opted to epidural.. Alhamdulillah semua ok and smooth and baby and mommy pon happy.. And menyesal sbb x amek epidural since my first birth... Heheheheeh

All the best to u... InsyaAllah yang penting semua selamat..

Anonymous said...

Sorry to ask. Aida tak baca ur previous posts...
Are your case same as mine when I was carry Khadijah?
If yes, I pray for u.
I know it is very difficult to carry a big tummy with an active tod.

Delivery cara apa pun Aida mmg tak kesah sebenarnya. Asalkan both baby and maknya sihat sejahtera.

Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan Allah.
Take care, Ami!


Ami said...

aida: aah polyhydramnios and on top of that,placenta previa stage 4,which means the placenta completely covers the cervix.kan,rasa badan berat sgt most of the times i just duduk or baring kene buat drainage tak?my fluid reading was not good,dr takot the excessive water puts more pressure on the placenta nanti jadi bleeding,that's why they decided(and we agreed) to go for the procedure.Itulah tenkiu aida and pinkwatch for sharing your opinion :)

jiji said...

besar pahala ami atas kesabaran ami ni. semoga selamat sampai bersalin

Anonymous said...

I tak go for drainage. I rasa macam sakit benor. But, man... u're brave to go for that!

Believe it or not I carry my big tummy sampai Wk39! Tinggi rahim Aida last check up with KK before deliver (masa tu wk38), was 48cm! Gila besar perutku. Hahaha.
Mmg xlarat nak jln. But i still work (from home!)
That's why I nk induce sbb tak larat nk carry perut. Reading AFI i pun tak ok sgt, tp gyne tgk i mcm ok je. So dia pun tak push to go for drainage.

Wahh.. dah buat mcm blog entry sendiri pulak. Sorry, Ami!
So, another 8/7 more weeks to go? Praying for a smooth delivery for u!


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