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harith ami & muhriz

We are getting more sun these days,Alhamdulillah.Temperature pon dah naik around 5-10C.Anak mama mmg pantang panas sikit tutup mate huhu kesian dah 4months dok dlm gloomy weather ye sayang.Ada org dah gatal kaki tangan nak drive jauh.For weeks asik drive dlm bandar,to work(15mins from home) or bawa wife gi checkup(slow moving traffic sebab kene lalu city center).So he suggested Celle,a medieval city not far from Hannover,about 40km,so that takes roughly half an hour.He was told that the city is something like Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bayern.We went to Rothenburg once before and love it,so i said ok why not jom je lah lagipon the weather was nice,anak baru mkn dan mandi dan tak jauh pon.bapaknya suka hati la boleh speed up.In case you donot know,German Autobahn(motorway) has no speed limit.Bukan semua parts la,ada area yg ada limit but generally there's no limit(and of course takde toll) so tau lah how everyone drives,i kat belakang pejam mata buat buat tido.
So how's Celle?Ok la tapi we both agreed Rothenburg lagi cantekk huhuhu mmg Bayern di hati kami =p

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