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harith ami & muhriz


huu malasnya nak update!Hari ni agak busy,have an appointment with my Frauenarztin,kene masak utk guest2 dari malaysia then pack utk hospital esok ada appointment dgn specialist to drain some more fluid,my last reading wasnot good(ini cerita next entry)

Actually malas nak cerita byk pasal complications,tapi pikir balik tape la kot boleh share.
Every pregnancy is different.I bet mommies yg ada 6-7-8 anak pon akan ckp the same thing.With Muhriz,everything was smooth sailing until week 30,before balik Malaysia,gynae kat Augsburg tue ckp i might not be able to deliver Muhriz through vaginal sebab my pelvis is small,tak muat kepala Muhriz.But i may want to seek for another advice di Malaysia.Sampai Malaysia,pegi bukak buku pink(yer at 31weeks baru nak bukak),jumpa dr and she said the same thing.Pegi checkup di An nisa(where i delivered Muhriz) pon ckp the same thing.So redha je since itu yg paling selamat.Semua ckp sama,i could try with vaginal delivery but most likely I would end up with emergency caeserian,double sakit woo tamau mak.So Muhriz was safely delivered at 36weeks via c-sect,weighing 3.1kg huhu mana la nak muat.So itu kisah si abg long.

Adik pulak.awal2 dah ada bleeding.Sebab mama on contraceptive pills for 2 years,stop 1 bulan terus dpt adik,my period was still irregular.Kalau after 3-4 cycles baru boleh ckp regular cycle.So pening habis doctor nak decide GA and EDD adik.Before we left for Hannover in December hari tue,pegi last checkup,dr ckp die nampak my placenta was low lying.Since masa tue baru 17weeks,die ckp not to worry,ada chance placenta naik atas balik.Kat Hannover ni,week 25 baru boleh pegi checkup sebab tunggu insurance card ready.Nampaknya the placenta was still down there,dah completely covers the cervic mouth.Sini procedurenya kalau takda apa2 complication kita pegi checkup di Frauenklinik(Klinik sakit puan),mmg jumpa dr semua tapi they will just do the normal check.In my case sebab dah 3rd trimester,kene refer to specialist terus.So off we went to Medical Hochschule Hannover(MHH) sebab dah di diagnosed with complete placenta previa.

1st checkup,dr examined every single thing,blood yg flow in and out of the baby,how's his breathing etc(tak pernah scan se detail tu dgn muhriz dulu) and found out I have 3 uncommon things 1)Placenta Previa stage 4 2)Polyhydramnios-too much amniotic fluid 3)Single Umbirical Artery. No 3 might effect adik baby but she can't determine until adik is out,so I won't be writing about it. Because of these 3,I have to see the doctor on weekly basis dari minggu 25 lagi lah.Placenta previa in early pregnancy is not considered a problem tapi if it still covering the cervix close to EDD,maybe boleh buat heavy bleeding and prem delivery.

I read on net,some mommies with this are put on bed rest for more than a month!And hubby's aunty pon macam nie jugak,she started to bleed before week 30,by week 32 dah kene c-sect.Alhamdulillah her baby was fine.Saya pula Alhamdulillah tak pernah bleed lagi,maybe sebab saya ni surirumah,so kalau penat saya rehat.takde pressure or kerja berat besides kene jadi muhriz's elephant or horsey huhu.So masa checkup week 28 kot,my gynae was away,so her boss took over.Upon seeing my diagnose,die terus admit saya for 3days 2 night!Reason die,my water was too much and started to put pressure on the placenta,so saya boleh deliver anytime.Thus it's best for me to stay as close as possible to the labor room senang depa nak operate.Huhu mama jadi macam mad woman ok,sebabnya 1)during the previous checkup my gynae ckp my condition was stable,the distance between placenta and cervix was long 2)Amniotic fluid mmg build up tapi she preferred to wait 3)I have never ever left Muhriz before.Paling lama dalam pantang for 3 hours sebab nak check c-sect stitches.Lepas tue tak pernah,setakat pi beli santan or nasi lemak depan rumah for 15mins ada lah. Nangis berjam2 sampai midviwes datang pujuk2,last2 the prof dr tue pon dtg sekali pujuk huhhh.So tido lah kat hospital for 3 days,kene injected some drugs(lupa nama) utk maturekan baby's lung in case kene deliver awal dan buat CTG  a few round.Yg injection tue serious sakit rasa nak sepak nurse tue huhu.On the 3rd day,my gynae was back and she was surprised that her boss made me stay in ward for days without even consulting her.So my gynae checked my water pool,the biggest one was deeper than the normal range but she preferred to wait kalau dekat2 12cm baru buat drainage(took some fluid out).So she let me go home,probably tgk muka I sedih nak balik sgt kot and asked me to come back the following week utk buat drainage kalau pool dah reach 12cm(which it did).Itu next entry lah
 nangis nak balik huhu sib baik dpt single room

So,placenta previa nie,kalau dah stage 4,the only possible way to deliver the baby is via c-sect.The placenta completely covers the cervix opening and it is not possible to deliver the placenta first.I am grateful that today Caeserian can be performed safely kalau dah lama boleh buat c-sect nie babies yg tak survived at birth in the past dah boleh safely delivered.So mommies yg boleh beranak normal,jgn senang2 ckp "senang-senang je nak mintak c-sect" ingat orang operate saje2 ke pastu ingat tak sakit ke kene operate huhu.
Kalau rajin sambung part 2 hehe nak gi checkup dan bawak abg muhriz main,babaii!


Anonymous said...

I baca entry ni pun, teringat-ingat last pregnancy. Termengah-mengah. Hehehe...

Take care, Ami!


Ami said...

mmg pon aida.nak tido pon sgt sesak nafas hehe.thanks mommmy!

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