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harith ami & muhriz

We eat a lot of potatoes over here.Heckk they are abundant and so cheap!2.5kg for just 99cents!No wonder Germans love potatoes so much.As the chef of the rumah kecik ni,I'll try to alternate nasi and none nasik meal.Kalau hari nie dah nasik,esok bukan lah.So hari bukan nasi is hari pasta or potatoes dgn apa2 lah.Muhriz loves potatoes so takdak masalah lah.Bagi je mashed ke,wedges ke,boiled then serve with gravy,baked with cheese or this one is his fav and easiest to make;potato pancakes.

You need : potatoes(finely grated),a bit of onions(pon cincang),egg,salt,pepper,flour and milk(optional).Mix everything except potatoes and onions,once done masuk potatoes and onions lepas tue shallow fry,buat bulat2.
 I love it with ketchup and remoulade.Muhriz makan gitu je,tak cukup 2 tue.

 Boleh buat side dish jugak nie and we have this all the time,mkn gitu je for breakfast,as side dgn sausage ke


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