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harith ami & muhriz

Before we actually become parents i.e the birth of Muhriz,i once told hubby "It will be great if our kids are just a year apart,senang sekali beranak,sekali harung lepas tue close production hehh" Tapi after countless nappy changes,i took back my words hahaha asik ckp "Dr pesan space them at least 2 years nak fully recover from c-sect".Time does fly,lagi 2 mths Muhriz akan turns 2!

I know different couples feel differently on the subject so no one can come out with the ideal spacing period between children.Itu belum masuk makcik2 ckp "Alaa buat ape merancang,beranak je lah ramai2 dulu,karang susah nak dpt anak baru tahu" Makcik,kalau Allah tak bagi rezeki,tak merancang pon tak dpt anak -_- Sekarang tgk ramai my friends dah proceed dgn 2nd baby,mula lah tanye muhriz "Mama panggil abg long nak?" hahaha abg long manja kededek!For us,the main key is readiness.Are both of us ready?Is Muhriz ready?Dah mama gatal nak masuk baby mode balik,it's time to go through these questions

1)Am i physically ready to go through a new pregnancy?
  Toting an active toddler with a big belly isnot easy,plus a c-sect needs 18 mths to heal,plus breastfeeding during pregnancy is tiring and one might face milk supply issue.For those reasons,i opt to wait for at least 2 years.sabar sabar,2nd birthday muhriz tak lama dah.

2)What is the best for my children?
Siblings spaced too close may become mutual playmates for each other(though won't necessarily be),and the fact that there'll be fewer toys to buy may be convenience.Plus it's easier to turn into baby mode again.But remember,they are too potential of nightmares(fighting berebut toys all the time that is).And they may need longer lap  to enjoy being the "only" hehe.

3)Will we be able to handle the demands of 2 babies?
We doubt this one.For similar reason we doubt sending Muhriz to a babysitter,especially one who handles more than one kid.Children below the age of 2 are high maintenance,need constant attention and care.Tak bleh imagine Muhriz kecik dgn adik kecik huwaaa mesti ends up mama nangis,rumah bersepah,dada kene bawa balik lunch =p.Plus we think spacing them apart allows us to shower attention on one child before the arrival of the next one,takot kurang attention kesian jugak.Sudahnya jadi la Muhriz yg manja kededek nie hehhh.

Glad that hubby and i have the same idea on this.Maybe it's the way we grew up.His and my siblings are few years apart with each other.Family pon takde pressure suruh beranak lagi,and my mom is a strong believer that siblings should be at least 2 years apart so that there are more space for them as well as the parents.Hehe dulu masa Muhriz still a baby tension jekk org tanye bila nak ada adik?Tapi sekarang saya anggap semua tue doa,mari doa2 kat saya hahaha.My duploh cents,k thanks bye.


aziyana said...

hehehe amie, sy pun dh mula terasa nk 2nd tp sy je yg rase..bapaknya idok..huhuhuh...husna pon manja kededek jugok

Nurul Diana@Mama Adam + Aidil said...

selalu kena ty ..bila nak tmbh no-3 .. girl plk ler bleh pilih2 gender gitu kan ..

Ami said...

zie: haha kan?kan?tok ingat doh le plok gane sakit operate tue =p jom aa buat geng 2013 plok,dang lagi sgt nok pujuk pahmi tue hehe

diana: uhuhu tak sudah org nak tanye eh,dpt sorang,bile 2nd,bile 3rd.siap die ckp pulak gender preferance tue hehh kalah mak ayah sendiri!

angah sam said...

ya sama dgn angah. yang penting kene tanya diri sendiri dah bersedia fizikal n mental tak utk tambh ank lagi. doc pun ckp, even normal delivery pun rahim nak pulih sepenuhnye amik mase 2 years. my o&g siap ckp, ok kite jmpe lagi 3 thn ye :P hihi. org nak tnya, angah jwb je insyaAllahhh.pastu baru la org tu diam :P hik hik.

Ami said...

betul angah,body kite takes time to recover dan yg penting kite sendiri ready ke tidak.

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