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harith ami & muhriz

Semlm bila Muhriz nampak i keluarkan pasta container,he insisted to get his hands on it.Hmm tak jadi masak nie,so after taking out the amount i want,i passed the pasta container to him along with an empty one

Me: Ok,let's go to your play area.You'll help me to transfer the pasta to the empty container okay,mama need to do some stuff in the kitchen,give me 5 mins then i'll be back.muaaahh

Muhriz: Hahh,this is just a baby stuff!

3 mins later

Muhriz: See,who needs an empty container when there are lots of spaces down here.

Make room for more pasta
 Check to see if thre's any more space available
 Fill in as many as possible
Ok done.Help me to get up mom,don't wanna drop any.And don't let dada know this secret hiding place okay!


aziyana said...

hahahahahha adoi la muhriz...muhriz

bibi yusof said...

makin besar, macam2 idea derang kan... hehehe...

shazlinda said...
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linda said...

ami....muhriz makin creative tu...hehehe

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